Yellow Wallpaper


Yellow Wallpaper
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In this chilling adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s short story, a new mother is confined to her room for bedrest. However, her “rest cure” is anything but, as she begins to see things behind the yellow wallpaper that dominates her bedroom. As she becomes more isolated, her grip on her sanity becomes more and more loose until she is forced to face the demons without and within.

Schools: This play is ambitious for schools. Some material may be objectionable, and some students (and parents) may be sensitive to central themes and elements within.


Helen Raymond is an affluent new mother, separated from her newborn child and confined to her bedroom for bedrest. This “rest cure” is supported by her physician husband, John Raymond. However, her forced isolation is anything but restful, as Helen begins to see things within and behind the yellow wallpaper that dominates her bedroom, forcing her to face her inner and outer demons.



Helen Raymond – A new mother, struggling with her inner demons and the constrictive social norms of the time.

John Raymond – A well-meaning young doctor, dealing with his wife’s ailments.

Jennie Raymond – Sister to the doctor and caretaker of the house and Helen.

Setting: An island off the East Coast of the United States. Time: 1890.

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