Grove of Rashomon


Grove of Rashomon
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A mother investigates the brutal crimes committed against her daughter and son-in-law, a samurai, in this reimagining of the iconic short story that inspired the film Rashomon.

Schools: This play is ambitious for schools. Some material may be objectionable, and some students (and parents) may be sensitive to central themes and elements within.


Masago, a maiden, is missing and her samurai, Takehiko, is dead. As her mother investigates the brutal crime, she encounters numerous versions of what happened on that fateful night in a haunting cedar grove. Set in 12th-century Japan and written as a highly theatrical piece with mask work, dance, and Noh-inspired movement, The Grove of Rashomon is a reimagining of the iconic short story that inspired the Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon.



Himiko, the Priestess – Our humble guide with ulterior motives. Also can double as the Masked Maiden after the first scene.

Chiyoko, the Mother – A passionate, upper-class woman with a desperate need to find her daughter.

Isamu, the Woodcutter – A laborer who loves his family. Also can double as the Masked Samurai after the first scene.

Shokini, the Bounty Hunter – A drunkard and braggart; ultimately a coward. Also can double as the Masked Cutthroat after the first scene.

Tajomaru, the Cutthroat – A heartless, violent criminal. He cares not for his life or anyone else’s. Should play the Masked Cutthroat in the opening scene only.

Takehiko, the Samurai – A proud, overwhelmed husband who is paralyzed by his shame. Should play the Masked Samurai in the opening scene only.

Masago, the Maiden – A strong, destroyed young women cut down before her time. Should play the Masked Maiden in the opening scene only.

Casting Note:

Minimum: 3F, 4M.

Maximum: 4F, 6M (no doubling for the “Masked” figures).

Setting: A grove and elsewhere, 12th-century Japan.

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The required materials for The Grove of Rashomon include:

Production Scripts

Available Products:

Wicked Lit Print Edition – The beautifully designed anthology, available at wholesale costs to sell in your lobby!

Director's Script – Single-sided script with space for director’s notes.

Logo/PR Pack – Includes high-resolution artwork and reference photos. Also, ready-designed posters, reviews and pull quotes, if available.