Ebony Frame


Ebony Frame
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Henry Devigne is reunited with his lover from a past life, through the dark magic of an enchanted portrait. The only catch is: he has to give up his soul to keep her. He's more than happy to do it, but their satanic wedding doesn't go as planned.

Schools: This play is school friendly, but is considered PG-13. Some material may be objectionable or sensitive for certain school districts.


Henry Devigne has just inherited a mansion and could not be more thrilled, but when he comes across a painting in the attic of a beautiful and mysterious woman, he forgets about everything else. He is captivated. He wishes she were there in the flesh, and in a gust of wind and a flicker of the lights, she suddenly is. She was his lover in a past life, and now through some dark magic she is able to come back to him through her portrait. She tells him that she made a deal with the Devil, giving up her soul for this opportunity, and now, if Henry will do they same, they can finally share the life they should have had 300 years ago. He doesn't hesitate. He just needs to break up with his best girl, Mildred, and change his clothes, and he's ready for their Satanic wedding. They meet the Devil outside, under the stars, but the ceremony is interrupted. Henry's house is on fire and the painting is burning, rendering the deal null and void. The Devil takes the woman back to Hell, and Henry is damned to live a healthy and prosperous life without her.



Henry Devigne – Male, 20s or 30s. Scrappy up-and-comer.

Jane – Female, 20s–40s. Chatty and capable housemaid.

Woman – Female, 20s or 30s. Mysterious beauty from another time.

Mildred – Female, 20s or 30s. Flouncy and beruffled.

Satan – Male, any age. Father of lies, lord of the underworld.

Setting: London, 1893.

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The required materials for The Ebony Frame include:

Production Scripts

Available Products:

Wicked Lit Print Edition - The beautifully designed anthology, available at wholesale costs to sell in your lobby!

Director's Script – Single-sided script with space for director’s notes.

Logo/PR Pack – Includes high-resolution artwork and reference photos. Also, ready-designed posters, reviews and pull quotes, if available.