Join the Fun!!

Have you ever longed to play ALL of the parts in a single show? Here's your chance! Choose a song, sing all four parts, make a video, and then enter to win some swell Wonderettes swag!

Select Your Song Download the Rules

Step 1: Select Song

Choose wisely: 24 songs = 24 winners. Principal Varney will choose one winning entry for each song (beginning January).

Select song

Step 2: Upload Video

Record and mix your vocals: become the girl group you hear in your head! Then make an awesome video and upload to YouTube

Step 3: Share your Song

Tag and share! Make sure to send Principal Varney an email to let him know you've entered!

Watch Bets Malone complete the challenge!

Principal Varney Announces Another Winner!


Participating Songs

Song pack ($10) includes: Piano/Vocal sheet music, rehearsal parts with each vocal part plunked out, original cast recording of the song for reference, performance track to record with, and video title cards for your video. No purchase is necessary to enter, and you can use music and accompaniment you already have. (The rules and full instructions are also included) Winners begin to be chosen in January, 2021!