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Why We Need to Start Telling A Different Kind of Asian-American Story

By   Posted 4.15.2016   Backstage, On Stage, Play, Off-Broadway, Asian, Theatre

We absolutely fell in love with this artical written by Olivia Clement for

“When people look for work by artists of color, they look for very specific kind of work.” A. Rey Pamatmat explains why he plays by his own rules as an Asian-American playwright.

A. Rey Pamatmat had a very simple reason for wanting to write House Rules, currently produced Off-Broadway by Ma-Yi Theater Company. “The idea was to have a bunch of Asian American actors playing contemporary parts and just having an awesome time,” says the playwright.

“There are a lot of Asian American actors,” says Pamatmat. “They’ll either be cast in a play where they’re the only Asian American actor, or they’ll be cast in a play that’s somehow historical.” Big, sweeping productions like Allegiance, The King and I and Here Lies Love, immediately come to mind. House Rules isn’t about history, it’s about humans, who happen to be Filipino and American. ...Read More on

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