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Ten Unexpected AMAZING Benefits Of Children Performing In Theatre

As a theatre teacher and director, I’ve realized some exceptional perks for children (and their parents) who are involved in theatre! Here are some priceless benefits:

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Patience and Respect. Standing quietly backstage is no easy task, especially for children who are full of butterflies and heart flutters.  They wait patiently, in anticipation for their turn on stage and discover that it’s respectful to remain quiet as they don’t want to distract the actors who are on stage. Naturally, there are children who do need repetitive reminders to mute their excitement, but when they do, it’s a huge accomplishment! Children having fun, while being patient and respectful is a beautiful sight!

Facing your fears. It’s a surprising fact, yet hauntingly true, public speaking is more feared than death by most U.S. citizens. Fear of rejection is simply part of life, yet it’s manageable and it can be very rewarding for those who learn to face this fear. Theatre gives children an opportunity to face a crowd, speak in front of them, sing a song or two and perhaps even make them laugh.

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