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Donna Hoke

It has been a blast posting Donna Hoke's Finding Neil Patrick Harris, A Play in Progress the past couple of monthsPart writing workshop, part diary, the blog gave us insight into a writer's process on a day to day basis.

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Neil Patrick Harris

Business aside, even after three pages in, I like to go back before I start new pages each day and see what I’ve already written. I do this not just to see what sparks, but also to mine what I’ve put down. I have two ten-minute plays that I turned into full-length comedies and, in both cases, I found that everything I needed to build out the entire play was contained in those ten minutes. 

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Desk Of

Welcome to the Stage Rights STAGE WRITES Blog. We’re going to post all sorts of things you’ll find fascinating and useful. Sometimes we’ll have staff members posting thoughts and ideas and other theater-related items, and other times we’ll have some of our playwrights writing about what’s on their minds. Someone might have a rant about something or other, or maybe just a wonderful huzzah or two – everything is welcome at Stage Writes.


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