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DH Episode 7

I don’t know where the time is going. I’m reading plays for a few contests and trying to keep up with people Zoom socially, and I did have a project with Women’s Theatre Festival, but the days just seem to fly by. I hope you’re all continuing to be safe and well, wherever you are, and thank you for spending a few minutes here.

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Road Trip_Hoke Blog_Ep 4

In most cases from here on, I’m going to start with the new material, because I’m discovering things as I write so it’s easier to talk about after. It also makes it easier for people who are only interested in that; just look for the NPH photo!

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Neil Patrick 3

So… in going back over what I’d written so far… I sort of committed to that sitcom thing, which I realize can not only be the thing Katie needs to prove—maybe it’s her ex-husband who never thought she was funny; that’s the kind of thing that can stick in her mind—but also a reason to find Neil Patrick Harris. 

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Donna Hoke

But now… it’s been two weeks. My other work is caught up. I’d been prepping to move so my house is already cleaned out (and with pick-up services suspended, my garage is full of boxes ready to go). I don’t feel like I have enough time for daily museum tours but I am getting the itch to do… something. Like write.

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The Green Room: A Small Musical Without Walls

By C. Stephen Foster   Posted 2.16.2017   greenroom, author, blog, musical
Green Room blog

The other two writers of The Green Room (Chuck Pelletier and Rod Damer) and I wanted to bring to life on stage what happens inside the four walls of a small Midwestern college theater department’s backstage green room. We concentrated on the hopes, passions and dreams of four theater majors who formed a clique.

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