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A Southern fable about family and prejudice.

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To The Moon

To The Moon is a stunning hour-long docudrama based on over 200 surveys and 20 in-person interviews with survivors of domestic violence.

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See Jane Quit

A Delightful Southern Comedy that Proves You Can Quit Smoking But You Can't Quit Family. 

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CreedeRep Hazardous Materials

Congratulations to Beth Kander, whose new play Hazardous Materials was nominated for twelve Henry Awards by the Colorado Theatre Guild!

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The Bottle Tree

I rarely remember the exact moment I begin writing a play or novel. If you asked me to pinpoint the precise date I started scratching out a particular project, most of the time I’d shrug: “No idea.” But there’s one play for which I do know the inception date.

That play is The Bottle Tree, and the day I started writing it was Friday, December 14, 2012—the day of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

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