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Why I Fell Asleep During Your Play

By Bob Tooms   Posted 5.17.2016   Front of House, Audience, play, Theatre
Why I Fell Asleep During Your Play

You’re working your @$$ off up there, then you glance over and there’s this big blond doofus in the audience with his eyes closed. And you try not to let it bug you, but it bugs you. How could you have failed so badly? The weeks of rehearsal, the actor homework you struggled over, that moment in the show when everything kicked up a notch like it never had, then you glanced over and saw: me. Sleepy McBlondie, with my head tilting to one side and my eyes shut tight. Now it’s all ruined and you want to give up the acting thing forever because man the show was good that night except for that one damn guy with the ultimate critique of closed eyelids.

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