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Stephen Sondheim on a Female Lead in 'Company': "What Is There to Lose?"

The legendary composer opens up about Marianne Elliott's decision to reverse the genders in an upcoming revival.

Rosalie Craig

In Tony-winning director Marianne Elliott’s upcoming production of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s Company, “Bobby” is now “Bobbie.” Color Sondheim intrigued.

The prolific composer gave his blessing to the Elliot Harper Productions revival in London, which will feature Rosalie Craig in the spotlight as the 35-year-old single New Yorker. He attended a workshop that tested the concept, which featured alterations such as “Have I Got a Guy for You,” instead of “Have I Got a Girl for You,” and flight attendant April being renamed Andy.

Rosalie Craig (Pamela Raith Photography)

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