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Stage Rights Play of the Week: Night of the Living Dead

By   Posted 10.3.2019   Announcements, undead, send-up, Mark Landon Smith, zombie, classic

Run! Hide! Lock the doors! After a NASA probe contaminated with mysterious radiation crashes to Earth, the recently deceased begin to rise again, and boy are they hungry! They may be out to eat the living, but these walking dead are rampant with wit and sarcasm­—certainly a breed above your garden-variety carnivores. Based on the cult classic film by George A. Romero, this zombie-thon is a delightfully skewed send-up of one of the most beloved science fiction genres of all time. Fast-paced and packed with contagious humor, you’ll laugh yourself to death over these horrifically and hysterically misunderstood flesh-eating monsters. Dedicated to the zombie in all of us.

by Mark Landon Smith
1 hr | 4F, 4M Ensemble (Flexible)

Visit the show page for more information and to listen to samples from the show!

It can be paired with Plan 9 from Outer Space for a discounted rate.

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