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Stage Rights Featured Play of the Week: Tom and Penny's Yard Party

By   Posted 2.4.2019   Announcements, Family, 1960s, evangelism, religion, faith
Journey back to the late 1960s on the television set of Tom and Penny’s Yard Party: an evangelical show for children on WJIK-TV (Where Jesus Is King). Tom and Penny are a young married couple who broadcast their wholesome “Jesus loves you!” message to living rooms across the country. As the stress of off-camera station politics and the reality of their troubled marriage come to a head, Tom and Penny’s world begins to unravel, and we see a far less polished side to our Bible-thumping hosts. When Penny reads a fan letter from the mother of an odd young boy in the studio audience, everything falls apart–live and on-air.
by Rob Lauer
2F, 4M, 2 Girls, 2 Boys
1 Hr 45 Min
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