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'Smash' producers develop the TV show's Marilyn Monroe musical 'Bombshell' for Broadway

By   Posted 6.13.2017   Announcements, #Bombshell, #KatherineMcPhee, #Smash

Smash, NBC’s drama tracing the development of a fictional Broadway musical called Bombshell about screen legend Marilyn Monroe, had a rocky two-season run. But the series had a rabid fan base, which has seemed to multiply since the show left the air in 2013.

Katherine McPhee










Katharine McPhee played one of two actresses vying to play Marilyn Monroe in the fictional musical Bombshell in NBC's canceled drama Smash. Now the show-within-the-show is coming back as a bonafide Broadway production. (Will Hart / NBC)

Many of those Smash fans have wondered if Bombshell would ever find life on the Great White Way. Those hopes got a boost when the Smash cast performed a concert version of Bombshell for a one-night charity event in 2015 at Broadway’s Minskoff Theatre in front of a worshipful audience.

Two years later, Bombshell looks Broadway-bound for real.

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