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Research Finds Theatregoers’ Hearts Synchronise During Performances

A study has found that during theatre performances, theatregoers’ heart beats synchronise and beat at the same time, which has been shown to lead to people bonding more. 

The research, which was conducted by neuroscientists from University College London in association with Encore Tickets, looked at the heart rates and skin responses of participants as they watched a performance of Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre. 


Cast of 'Dreamgirls' (Courtesy of

They found that as well as responding emotionally to the performance as individuals, the audience’s heart beats responded to the show in unison, speeding up and slowing down at the same rate as each other. 

It went on to find that couples and friends continue to have synchronised heart beats during the interval of the show. 

Click here for the full article published on by Will Longman on November 17, 2017.