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Stage Rights Play of the Week: With This Ring

By   Posted 12.8.2021   romance, Joe Simonelli, love, marriage

A play written specifically with Valentine's Day in mind, With This Ring is the story of a wedding band that travels over five generations and the visceral effect it has on those couples who come to possess it. The ring is first presented to an Irish immigrant by her husband at the turn of the nineteenth century. It then skips a generation in the 1960s as the couple's grandson inherits it, has it inscribed, and presents it to his new wife, before it becomes a point of contention in the mid-80s between an estranged couple contemplating a divorce. At long last it finds its way to an engaged couple in 2007 and a special visitor who is coming from out of state for their wedding.

by Joe Simonelli
5F, 5M | 90 Minutes

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