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Stage Rights Play of the Week: West Adams

By   Posted 9.23.2021   Announcements, West Adams, Racism, Dark Comedy, Class, Los Angeles

Four gentrifiers’ lofty dreams of reshaping the neighborhood in their image may finally come true, should they win the coveted spot of singing the national anthem for the prestigious annual block party. If chosen, this could catapult them to positions of power in the neighborhood, fulfilling Michael’s quest to unseat the stalwart Black, perhaps old-fashioned President of the Neighborhood Council. However their plans are diverted when an affluent Black family moves into the neighborhood. Penelope Lowder’s newest play, set in Los Angeles’ historic West Adams district, shines a light on those who come to play kings and queens in already established communities across America.

by Penelope Lowder
2F, 2M | 85 Minutes

Click HERE to visit the show page for more information and to request a license for production.

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