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Stage Rights Play of the Week: Land of the Tigers

"Hilarious and thought provoking comedy. An often compelling
meditation on the creation of theater itself."
LA Weekly (Pick of the Week)

From the revered Los Angeles comedy outfit The Burglars of Hamm comes a comedy as stupid as it sounds. The first act of Land of the Tigers takes place in a world much like our own— except with tigers who worship a volcano goddess, fight brutal wars with swans, and fret over global cooling. The second act takes the audience back to the first day of rehearsal for the abomination they’ve just witnessed, in this satire of the inherent folly and nobility of creating a work of art.

by Burglars of Hamm
(Carolyn Almos, Matt Almos,
Jon Beauregard, & Albert Dayan)
3F, 4M, 4 Flexible

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