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Meet the People Behind the Pages With #Stagewriters!

Behind every story is a storyteller. Behind every play, a playwright. They often get overlooked in the production process and most audiences couldn't pick them out of a lineup. At Stage Rights, we're committed to celebrating the authors who concoct the thrilling, terrifying, uplifting, enlightening, entertaining, silly, serious plays and musicals in our catalog.


Sham and Carroll

                                                                   (Brad Carroll and Peter Sham reading Lend me a Tenor the Musical)

Last week Stage Rights began its #stagewriters campaign to introduce you to the faces behind the laptops, desktops, typewriters, notepads, and cocktail napkins. You'll see our playwrights in their element in all manner of creative ways. 

Look for the hashtag on all our social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Give us a like, retweet, share on your feeds, and if you're so inclined, read their work. Perhaps, then, you'll produce their plays and musicals and get to spend more time with the fantastic writers of Stage Rights.

Eric Rockwell

                                                            (top from left: Eric Rockwell reading Up to You!, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly) 

                                                                         (bottom from left: Eva Gabor, Bill Daily, Fannie Flagg)