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An Interview With Our Featured Authors: Compton & Bennett

By   Posted 7.10.2017  

What’s your name? 

We are Betsy Bennett and Rick Compton. Together we are Compton & Bennett. Rick suggested we go alphabetically. Betsy is dyslexic.

Often we are asked if we are married. Rick is, Betsy isn’t.

Compton & Bennett











Where do you live?

Naples, Florida. We are squatters in the land of 1%.

What is your hometown?

Rick owns up to Circleville, Ohio. Betsy is from Battle Creek, Michigan. “Go, ‘Flakes!”

Tell us about the first play you ever wrote.

 “The Devil and The Princess” by Betsy Bennett.

It ran in the basement of my parents’ home. Our neighbors’ names were Magic Marker-ed onto the small forest of tombstones that littered the set. They all attended the opening. It closed after one performance. I was never asked to babysit after that. I claimed a critical success.

What’s your writing routine?

Every weekday we are not on the road, we meet for lunch at 11:30 then go to our dedicated studio space where we work till 4:20…then again till 5-ish.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?


Tell me a little about Assisted Living. Why is it special to you?

We’re on a self-serving mission. First of all, the show has no sad songs, no f-bombs and no Depends jokes. Aging in the 21st century is not all about the stereotyped poverty and infirmity any more than youth is all about student debt and hangovers. Our show celebrates the same rockin’ values we celebrated in the 60’s. Lookit: no work, no pregnancy, Medicare-subsidized drugs: you do the new math. Seventy-something is the new twenty-something…only with looser skin.

Compton & Bennett 2










Why did you write it? 

Because The Bonita Springs Art League offered us a gig, but needed a title immediately for its brochure. We saw someone with a walker, and Assisted Living: The Musical was the only title that came to mind. We spent the next 6 weeks writing it.

What are you working on now?

We are working on the holiday version of AL:TM.

It’s called Assisted Living: The Musical, THE HOME…For The Holidays.  

It brings a whole new meaning to Grandma’s Christmas Goose.