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'Indecent' Earns Broadway Accolades for Malibu Producer

Sharleen Cooper Cohen is passionate about the project, which wraps its run on Sunday.

A Malibu woman is having a big success on the Great White Way as a producer. Sharleen Cooper Cohen’s latest work as a co-producer of the sleeper Broadway hit Indecent is just the latest in a string of “bringing subjects that are dear to me and dear to people” to the stage, she described. After a successful run, Indecent closes this week.

Indecent on Broadway

'Indecent' is performed for a full house at a matinee.(Photos by Judy Abel / TMT)

The play, which won two Tony Awards this year, best director for Rebecca Taichman and best lighting design for Christopher Akerlind is based on a true story—-the first lesbian kiss on a Broadway stage—and the controversy it stirred at the time. But even today, the play-within-a-play brings up topics as relevant now as they were in the time in which Indecent is set—the early 20th century when anti-Semitism and xenophobia gripped Europe and even the United States.

Cooper Cohen, a Malibuite for most of her adult life, said going to see previews of Indecent in New York evoked a strong emotional reaction—and stirred her to act.

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