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I'm Glad My Son Fell for Stage Crew

Though I initially pictured him in the spotlight, I'm glad he found his calling backstage.

Ashley Perez Flanagan












The author's son onstage at Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 with ensemble member Ashley Perez Flanagan. (Photo courtesy of the author.)

In high school I played an Angel in Anything Goes. I vividly recall wearing my mother's retro, form-fitting, olive green, sleeveless gown with baby-pink detailing. I felt like a showgirl prancing about, strutting my stuff. Although singing was not my strength, I adored the glitz and the glam of the whole experience. And the applause! What an absolute high.

Of course, like many an adolescent thespian, I didn't pursue performing as a career. But my enthusiasm for theatre never waned. Instead of treading the boards, I kept my hand in the biz as a critic, marketer, and producer, with the Tony-nominated Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 marking my first Broadway co-producing gig.

And yet I still had performing aspirations -- not for me, but for my son. Not only did I fantasize about sharing my love of theatre with him, taking him to shows and playing him all of my original cast recordings, but I also imagined watching him on stage (in school at least), and proudly cheering him on.

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