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How Will the Rent Tour Be Different From What You Know?

By   Posted 9.11.2016   In Rehearsal, #RentTour, #JonathanLarson, #Rent

With a new, young cast comes a new production with slight changes to the original direction of Rent.

Rent scene

Danny Harris Kornfeld, Caleb Wells, and cast (Monica Simoes)

At the August 24 press preview for the 20th anniversary tour of Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning musical Rent, the cast performed the iconic second-act opener “Seasons of Love” starting in a circle formation, holding hands. Members of the press were caught off guard by the staging, as it is customary that Act II start in a straight line.

So, when the tour launches September 12 in Bloomington, IN, is that how “Seasons” will start? “I don’t know yet,” explains director Evan Ensign. “I did that only because we’re only a week-and-a-half into rehearsals, and we just staged it, but I [thought that] what the press never gets to see [or] anybody who doesn’t do the show doesn’t see [is] that’s always our beginning [in rehearsal]. That ‘Seasons’ circle is us together…”

He adds that “every time you do Rent with a different group, it changes—partly because of what they bring to it—and this one will be slightly different.”

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