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How One Jam Session Led to the Original Music for Broadway’s 'Indecent'

Why composers Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva and the actors of Paula Vogel’s Indecent play music throughout the new drama.











The cast of Indecent (Carol Rosegg)

The Broadway production of Paula Vogel’s Indecent—now in previews at the Cort and officially opening April 18—marks the third incarnation on which composers Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva have worked together. But prior to Vogel’s play, the pair had never even met. She played primarily klezmer music as part of a band called the Klezmatics, while he led the Cuban band Nu D’Lux.

But an impromptu jam session on first meeting proved they had more in common than they thought. “We’re very international in our tastes,” says Gutkin. “That just opens a door that you don’t have with everybody.”

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