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Dancers Give Unusual Life To LA Opera's "Macbeth"

By   Posted 10.12.2016   On Stage, #Macbeth, #LAOpera

“'People don’t know what to make of us, but we are making an impression.'"

Shakespeare's work is now spread out across all genres of performance: theater, dance, opera, music, puppetry, etc. So it's lovely to hear about so many elements of live performance coming together to bring such renowned work of art to life. Macbeth may be one of my favorite Shakespearean plays, and the three witches some of my favorite characters to watch onstage. They are the most honest part of any production of Macbeth, and the greatest indication of the director's motivations that drive the action.

Macbeth's Witches












The Witches (photo: Karen Almond)

The LA Opera recently posted a beautiful article on Macbeth's witches and their unusual process of embodying their roles; including what a big role their costumes played in helping them find their characters. For anyone who loves dance, it's a lovely look into the physical journey of Shakespeare's most sinister sorceresses.

For anyone who loves opera, book tickets now. Macbeth, starring Plácido Domingo, closes on October 16th.

Click here to read the article posted on the LA Opera blog by Karen Bacallar on October 4, 2016.