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Julie's Greenroom

Lights, camera, action! In case you haven’t heard, Queen Julie Andrews has a new show on Netflix. Julie’s Greenroom teaches children of all ages about

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

After an intriguing first glimpse of Emily Blunt in Disney’s upcoming Mary Poppins Returns, we now have a look at Lin-Manuel Miranda as the

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Children's Theatre

As a theatre teacher and director, I’ve realized some exceptional perks for children (and their parents) who are involved in theatre! Here are some priceless benefits:

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Haunted Broadway

Playbill has been tracking reports of ghost sightings at Broadway theatres for most of the past decade.

One of the most interesting phenomena is the consistency of reporting from one show and one season to the next. Certain theatres — like the New Amsterdam and the Belasco — almost always produce ghost stories, while others

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The creator of The Backstagers speaks up about why he created a comic series for queer youth, where magic lives in the wings.

High school can be an awkward time. Everything is changing: your friends, your teachers, your problems and even your relationship with your parents. Add to that a magical world underneath your school’s theatre where a group of stage crew members

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