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Kim LIE Cover

It all started in first grade. I had just started a new school and desperately wanted the kids to like me, so to impress them, I told a teeny lie. With my last name being ‘Cocca,’ I informed my new classmates that my father owned the Coca Cola Company, (he didn’t). My well-intended scheme backfired and became a big problem when the kids discovered the truth.

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Chita Rivera

Chita Rivera originated some of the most indelible roles of Broadway’s Golden Age: Anita in West Side Story, Velma in Chicago, Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie. She also starred in

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Todrick Hall

YouTube sensation and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars judge Todrick Hall slipped out of his ruby slippers in his Straight Outta Oz tour this winter to lace up the

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The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard is in bloom again—for the 16th time on Broadway—again briefly brightening the growing gloom of a doomed Russian aristocracy. After five years of the Parisian high-life, Mme. Ranevskaya has returned to the folding family fold, hoping to save her heavily mortgaged estate from the greedy clutches of the rising middle class and rescue the orchard—her pride and joy—from the chopping block.

No such luck, of course. In his last play, written in 1904, Anton Chekhov

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Laverne Cox

As theater kids, I think it's safe to assume we are all in a state of heightened *anticipation* for the Fox's remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show airing on October 20th. I'm particularly excited about Laverne Cox in the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a role originally mastered by the inimitable Tim Curry. In my opinion, this is a brilliant casting

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