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Beautiful: The Multi-Generational Draw of 'Heathers: The Musical'

By   Posted 3.10.2017   On Stage, #HeathersTheMusical

Beautiful. There is no other word that more accurately describes the culture that is Heathers. I was informed that originally, the musical adaptation of the classic 1989 film – led by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy – was intended to reel in the generation above me, targeting those who grew up with the dark teenage dramedy. However, it also ended up reeling in a much younger audience.

Heathers 101









Heathers: The Musical (courtesy of Samuel French Breaking Character Magazine)

Why do I think we were so drawn to the musical? Veronica’s relatable awkwardness, the stagecraft of JD’s character being attractive, hazardous, and sensitive at the same time, and the glamorization of the godly Heathers appeals to us as teenagers because of its alluring nature. And it’s not only enticing to the adolescent eye because of its charisma, but the message that is communicated through the show as a whole hits hard.

Click here for the full article written by Erica Newberg and published by Samuel French Breaking Character Magazine on February 3, 2017.