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Stage Rights Musical of the Week: Priscilla's Perfect Day

By   Posted 7.2.2020   Announcements, Youth, TYA, Pancakes, Musical

Book by Diana Martin
Music and Lyrics by Richard Levinson and Diana Martin
2F, 2M, 2 Flexible | 40 - 50 Minutes

In this charming family musical about the power of art, imagination, and pancakes, Priscilla Penelope Periwinkle’s family vacation at her Great-Aunt Phoebe’s cottage is nearly ruined by rain, her "bratty" little brother Billy, and his flapjack-loving dog Roscoe. Priscilla discovers a box of magic crayons in the attic, allowing her to bring whatever she draws to life. But as she colors in her perfect day on a beautiful sunny beach, things suddenly go awry. It will take Billy's quick thinking and Priscilla's imagination to get past the terrifying, crayon-eating Loch Ness Lobster and get them all back to their family... just in time for a pancake breakfast!
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