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Stage Rights Featured Plays of the Week: Independence Day at Happy Meadows and Anthropology Lesson

In anticipation of the 2019 Southeastern Theatre Conference convention, this week's featured plays are the two prior winners. Independence Day at Happy Meadows (2016 winner) and Anthropology Lesson (2018 winner). 

                     Independence Day at Happy Meadows

by Laura King

5F, 1M | 90 Mins

This riotous laugh-out-loud comedy proves growing old doesn’t mean growing feeble. It’s the 4th of July and the women of Happy Meadows Nursing Home have independence in mind! They’re fed up with the rules, the regulations, and especially the food. When senior resident Holly receives a cry for help from her grandson, she rallies her comrades-in-arms and the women plot a breakout. Will Holly and her friends succeed? Perhaps with some fireworks, a large can of creamed corn, and extensive lengths of rope, they might just have what it takes to outsmart the thoroughly vexed retirement home director.

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Anthropology Lesson

by J. Harvey Stone

1F, 4M, 5 Ensemble (Flexible)

While the streets outside the Stonewall Inn are set ablaze, a small Appalachian mining town goes through its own quieter turmoil. Anthropology Lesson explores the lives of “roommates” Thomas and Douglas during the summer of 1969. The men have spent the last 13 years building a life together until an unexpected late-night visitor interrupts Douglas’ first night home after a weekend away. As the play unfolds, the two mens’ lives are turned upside down while a principal, a mother, and a student all come to terms with their own sets of truths.

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