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Lee Pace Is Barnstorming Back to Broadway with the First Revival of 'Angels In America'

For a little while, Lee Pace lived in the house that YouTube built. Eight years ago, the actor, now 38, bought some land in upstate New York determined to build a home with his own hands. “I kind of found myself YouTubing, ‘How do I build that soffit,’ or, ‘How do I take that measurement accurately,’” he said of his crash course in construction. “I learned a lot.”

He finished the house but, no matter what all of the millennials in your life who have once unclogged a toilet will tell you, not every craft can truly be mastered via YouTube alone. “It was very kind of incomplete in a lot of ways,” Pace said of his project. “So I bought my neighbor's house, it was a farm and much bigger. I still have the house that I built, but I have a much more comfortable house, so I switched."

Lee Pace

(Photo by Eric Chakeen for W Magazine. Styled by Ian Bradley.)

That is how Pace wound up being the owner of a farm on a 110-acre patch upstate. (He wouldn't say exactly where, disappointing his superfans and real estate speculators alike.) But the farm played a very active part in Pace's preparation for his latest role, as Joe Pitt in the Tony Kushner masterpiece Angels In America, which is having its first Broadway revival since the original run opened a quarter century ago. Pace said that he kept a copy of the incredibly verbose, six-plus-hour play staged in two parts around the house; he would mull over passages as he went about his cooking, gardening, chopping wood, and the other niceties of country living.

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