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Opening Doors with Broadway Producer Greg Nobile

Tony-winner Greg Nobile has produced shows on Broadway like A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder, the revival of Sideshow and the current, site-specific Sweeney Todd at the Barrow Street Theater. He has invested in musicals like Dear Evan Hansen, Fun Homeand SpongeBob SquarePants. He has produced multiple shows in the West End, including the Imelda Staunton-lead revival of Gypsy, and the film India’s Daughter. He is the managing director of Legacy Theatre, a fledgling company on the shoreline of Connecticut, and runs Flying Horse Hospitality, a group that recently opened their first restaurant and are already working on their second. Did I mention that Greg is 25 years old?

Greg Nobile

When thinking about who would be a good first interview for Opening Doors, a new monthly series I’m writing for OnStage profiling twenty-somethings working in all facets of professional theater, I immediately knew Greg would be perfect. He has accomplished a tremendous amount in the last five years, has an astonishing breadth of work in his portfolio and gives back to his hometown of Branford, Connecticut in a myriad of ways. But even though we have many mutual friends and I have been asked a variation of the question “you know Greg Nobile, right?” seemingly dozens of times over the years, I had only met Greg in passing. To rectify that, he happily agreed to meet up so we could chat about his fascinating journey. Our conversation has been edited and condensed.

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