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Laverne Cox

As theater kids, I think it's safe to assume we are all in a state of heightened *anticipation* for the Fox's remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show airing on October 20th. I'm particularly excited about Laverne Cox in the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a role originally mastered by the inimitable Tim Curry. In my opinion, this is a brilliant casting

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Lin-Manuel SNL promo

Hamilton’s cross over appeal hit late night October 8 when Saturday Night Live welcomed Lin-Manuel Miranda as host.

The episode was studded with moments that had theatre people cheering.

Hamilton loomed large from the start. Miranda remarked

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The creator of The Backstagers speaks up about why he created a comic series for queer youth, where magic lives in the wings.

High school can be an awkward time. Everything is changing: your friends, your teachers, your problems and even your relationship with your parents. Add to that a magical world underneath your school’s theatre where a group of stage crew members

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Miss Noelle

Ever wonder about what keeps theater alive in places that aren't Broadway or the West End? There are a million theaters all over America doing just that: but in keeping theater alive, it's not about what - it's about who.

Meet Noelle D.W. Chandler, the Education Director at Playhouse Merced in Merced, California (a city about 4 hours north of L.A., in between Fresno and Modesto). Having attended the University of Maryland

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Live Broadcasts

Can't afford to make every production at the Pantages in Hollywood? Me neither. I also very much wish I could fly over to London to see every single production that goes up, especially when it involves the work of Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, thanks to my fast friend, we know all the upcoming live broadcasts of plays and musicals that will be

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