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A Perfectly Good Reason to Apply for a Grant You Don't Think You'll Get

By   Posted 6.7.2016   Backstage, funding, Grants, Nonprofit, Theatre

Grant writing is a time consuming, sometimes annoying fact of nonprofit life. Government grant deadlines cluster together on our calendars and back up into private foundation deadlines making us all crazy. It’s easy to think “I’m not going to get his grant anyway, so I won’t bother applying.” Even if you’re right (although you might not be), there still is a compelling reason to write the proposal anyway.

It’s All About Communication

There is a universe of difference between arts groups and the foundations and government grant makers whose business it is to support them. And the differences go way beyond the obvious have/have not dynamic. There are also cultural differences: the language used by grant makers is often full of insider jargon that is impossible for artists to get their heads around. And our perspectives are frequently polar opposite with grant-makers looking down from lofty perches to identify broad trends and movements, and creatives barely able to see beyond their own noses and the opening of their next show. ­

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This article written by Corbett Barklie was originally published May 23, 2016 on Stage Raw