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What is Sound Design, and Why Did It Lose Its Tony?

By   Posted 5.25.2016   Backstage, Sounddesign, Broadway, tony, Theatre

This article written by Michael Gioia for about the art of theatrical sound design was incredibly informative. It provides great insight into this often unknown and misunderstood artform. 

Legendary sound designer Abe Jacob will be recognized for his career in the field at the Live Design Awards, but this season’s sound designers will not be recognized by the Tony Awards. Jacob explains why the art form is important and why these designers should be honored on Broadway’s biggest night. What is Sound Design and Why Did It Lose its Tony Pic
Abe Jacob and Chita Rivera  (Joseph Marzullo/WENN)

Abe Jacob has designed sound for 40 Broadway productions—among them, the original production of Chicago starring Chita Rivera. “I have known Abe Jacob for over 40 years, allowing me to be aware for the rest of my career, of the brilliance and importance of clear, creative sound,” Rivera says. “I never realized just how truly complicated and sensitive the art of sound design is. And Abe has been successfully designing and changing as the theatre and theatres change. My first knowledge of sound design was foot mikes. Then through the pioneering brilliance of Abe Jacob, it has been transformed into what it is today, and Abe is still doing what he loves and is dedicated to do.”

Despite these accolades and many more from others in the theatre community, the Tony Awards Administration decided in June 2014 that they would no longer be giving a Tony Award for sound design at the annual ceremony that celebrates the best of the Broadway season. ...Read more on 

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