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This is the third show in the WONDERETTES Series!

Two versions to choose from: The Original Version and the Springfield High Edition!

The Wonderettes are back! This seasonal celebration finds the girls entertaining at the annual Harper’s Hardware Holiday Party. When Santa turns up missing, the girls use their talent and creative ingenuity to save the holiday party! Featuring great ’60s versions of holiday classics such as “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Run, Rudolph, Run,” and “Winter Wonderland,” the result is, of course, marvelous! This energetic and glittering holiday package is guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages.

A Springfield High Edition of this show is also available! In this version, the party takes place at Springfield High— in front of the set of the school play! You can play the show both on and in front of your current set! The same great show, now easier to produce in conjunction with the rest of your season. Click here for more info.


Act I

The Marvelous Wonderettes are back as they create a rockin’ ‘60s party to celebrate the holidays with friends and family!

Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy, and Suzy are entertaining at the 1968 holiday party for Harper’s Hardware, where Betty Jean has worked since high school (“Mister Santa”). Family, friends, and employees of Harper’s Hardware (the audience) are all in attendance, and the Wonderettes transform the hardware store into a magical winter wonderland (Rockin’ Christmas Medley: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”/ “Jingle Bell Rock”/ “Little Saint Nick”/ “A Marshmallow World”). They offer special thanks to the guys in the lumber department who helped create the set for their show (“Snowfall"). Keeping with annual tradition, Mr. Harper is scheduled to appear as Santa Claus and pass out the much-anticipated bonus envelopes (“The Man With the Bag”). Missy leads the girls in a tribute to the many places she visited on her recent honeymoon (“It’s Christmas Time All Over the World”), and they celebrate Christmas “Around the World” in true Wonderette style (“¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?,” “Mele Kalikimaka,” “O Tannenbaum,” “We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo”). Betty Jean complains about her solo, and the others respond with the entrance cue for Mr. Harper (“Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town”). When Santa misses his entrance, Betty Jean runs off to find him, returning triumphant with the bonus envelopes instead. After passing them all out, the envelopes are opened to discover pink slips— Harper’s Hardware is closing (“Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day”).

Act II

We return from intermission (“Run, Rudolph, Run”), and the ever-resourceful Missy tries to change the mood of the evening with happy Christmas memories (“Suzy Snowflake,” “This Christmas,” “All Those Christmas Clichés”). They decide to “ring in” some new holiday memories (Holiday Bells Medley: “Ring Those Christmas Bells”/ “Sleigh Ride”/ “Jingle Bells”), and Betty Jean discovers the possibility of a surprising new love interest (“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”). To round out the evening, the Wonderettes bring on their own Santa: Missy’s new husband Bill (“Santa Baby”). While thanking Santa, the girls discover an identical set of bonus envelopes in Santa’s bag. The first set of envelopes was Mr. Harper’s practical joke on Betty Jean— Harper’s Hardware is staying open and everyone receives a huge bonus!

All ends happily and merrily in this delightful holiday sequel to the smash Off-Broadway hit (“Winter Wonderland”).


The perfect Christmas revue! Crackles with energy and joy!

–LA Weekly


Missy (28) Always the over-achiever of the group, Missy has now blossomed into a full-fledged adult over-achiever. She is an elementary school teacher with cat-eye glasses. She has recently returned from her honeymoon with her new husband Bill, an audience member. She controls the evening’s events, even when Betty Jean is in charge: Missy is the one to cover for mistakes, and is always ready to jump in and save the day. She has an inner-sexiness (even slightly kinky) that comes out every once-in-a-while, much to her surprise and embarrassment. She has been best friends with Suzy since elementary school. (Soprano with belt. Range: F#3–A5)

Cindy Lou (28) Cindy Lou is the "bad girl" of the group, now reformed (to a point). She is sexy with a dry and sassy wit, and has a miles-high jet-black beehive, a cross between the Ronettes and early Priscilla Presley. She has a tattoo on her left upper arm that reads “Billy Ray,” her boyfriend who passed away a few years back (from The Marvelous Wonderettes). Until that time it seemed that things always went her way, making Betty Jean crazy. She has an incredible soft side and inner depth, revealed in her Act II monologue and ballad. (Mezzo Soprano with belt— sings lead vocal line on most group songs. Range: A3–E5)

Suzy (28) Suzy is happy-go-lucky, a little giddy, a little silly, and a little pregnant. She’s always willing to go along with anyone and anything, and she seems to giggle at just about anything. She finds great pleasure in everything she does; the sillier it is, the more fun she finds it. Her pregnancy has brought out her attention-deficit disorder, and she reverts to her childhood on the drop of a dime. She is married to Ritchie, her high-school sweetheart, who is running the lights for the performance. Her honey-blond hair is reminiscent of early Marlo Thomas/"That Girl.” Her best friend is Missy. (Mezzo/Alto with big belt. Range: C#3–E5)

Betty Jean (28) Betty Jean is the self-anointed clown of the group, always vying for attention from her best friend Cindy Lou. She loves that she is in finally in charge of the group, if only for this one performance. She has worked at Harper’s Hardware since High School and is now in Corporate Sales, a fact she’s very proud of. After a few tumultuous years, she married her high-school boyfriend Johnny, who also used to work at Harper’s Hardware. We learn that they have recently separated for good. She has a strength that belies her goofiness. This strength is what gives her empathy; she has no "poor me" in her attitude. This pays off in her Act I closing song. Her hair is red/auburn. (Strong Alto with big belt. Range: D3­–Eb5)

Setting: Harper’s Hardware Store, 1968.

  1. Mister Santa
  2. Rockin Christmas Medley
  3. Chipmunk Cheer
  4. Snowfall
  5. The Man With The Bag
  6. Its Christmas Time All Over The World
  7. Donde Esta Santa Claus
  8. Mele Kalikimaka
  9. O Tannenbaum
  10. We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo
  11. Santa Claus Is Comin to Town
  12. Christmas Will Be Just Another Lovely Day
  13. Run Rudolph Run
  14. Suzy Snowflake
  15. This Christmas
  16. All Those Christmas Cliches
  17. Bells Medley
  18. What Are You Doing New Years Eve?
  19. Santa Baby
  20. Winter Wonderland

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"A scrumptious confection! This glittering holiday package is a sugar plum delight for audiences of all ages!" –Backstage

"A musical holiday feast!" –Delaware News Journal

"The perfect Christmas revue! Crackles with energy and joy!" –LA Weekly

"A delightfully escapist musical revue." –Los Angeles Times

"Winter Wonderettes is a winner as a fond salute to girl pop groups. The show practically overflows with a rich nostalgic-pop charisma." –Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"This altogether pleasant mixture of character conflict, ineptitude and terrific McGuire Sisters-style chanteusing is as comfortable as coming home for the holidays to cocoa and a Johnny Mathis Christmas album." –Variety

"This lively mix of rockin' holiday hits will surely have audiences dancing in the aisles!" –TheatreWorld Internet Magazine

"A lively musical Christmas celebration!" –Shepherd Express

"Show's aglow with sweet musical nostalgia." –Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"A great way to start off your holiday season!" –Windham Journal, NY

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  • Drums
  • Reed (Flute, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax) (+ Sleigh Bells, Shaker, Cowbell, Claves, Tambourine)

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