Chimes: A Goblin Story
The Chimes: A Goblin Story
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Dickens’ novella is brought to life with a bite of horror as a proud parent discovers the repercussions of not accepting his daughter’s choices by the goblins who haunt a church. 

Schools: This play is school friendly, but is considered PG-13. Some material may be objectionable or sensitive for certain school districts.


Toby Veck is the caretaker of a remote church in the rural British countryside. After bemoaning
his pitiful lot in life to anyone who will listen (which is seemingly no one), his daughter, Meg, arrives with a special surprise: a hot, home-cooked meal. The meal is meant to be a celebration of her recent engagement— an occurrence that is news to her father. Before Toby can get fully enraged at his young daughter’s seemingly impetuous decision, Richard, her fiancé, arrives expecting a celebration to be in order. Instead of congratulations, Richard is met by a fairly hostile Toby who accuses him of not thinking this through. He points out that neither Richard (an aspiring philosopher) nor Meg (who has never worked) have jobs or money and that encourages them to get their life on a positive path before committing to marriage and a family. Richard exits in a huff and Meg leaves, heartbroken that her father won’t support her but determined to marry Richard.

With the kids gone, Toby again beseeches whoever will listen for strength. He is greeted with the sounds of the chimes, and a powerful voice… but it’s not the Voice of the Almighty. No! It is the goblins of the church who have been listening to Toby, and they appear to him now as ghastly apparitions. While Toby is initially frightened by these creatures, he begins to engage with them and even learn what they know. Over the course of the play they show Toby three futures— one in which Meg and Richard are struggling, another in which they marriage is nearly destroyed with Richard’s drinking and Meg’s despondency, and the final where Meg steps up to the side of a bridge, young son in hand, prepared to kill herself. It is in this final future— during which Toby screams to his daughter but she cannot hear him— that Toby realizes that it is his disownment that lead to his daughter’s terrible fate, not her own impetuous choices. The futures dissolve into memory and the goblins leave with a final wish for Toby: do right by yourself, do right by your daughter. Back in real time, Meg returns to try and make a final peace with her father, and he embraces her, full-heartedly, accepting her for she is and imploring for her to do the same.


Toby Veck (M) – the caretaker of the church; Meg’s father
Meg Veck (F) – an optimistic, empathetic young woman (18-25) 
Richard Wells (M) – a bright, obstinate philosopher (18-25) 
Danzos – a large goblin with magical powers (may be played by multiple actors)
Glolbassi – a small goblin with a sneaky streak… and magical powers (may be played by multiple actors)
Minimum cast: 5 – 1 F, 2 M, 2 F/M
Maximum cast: 9 - 1 F, 2 M, 6 F/M (additional goblins may be added to create a larger sense of darkness and the lines may be distributed accordingly)
Setting:A remote church, mid-19thcentury.

Thirty-six of Jonathan's plays have been produced at site-specific locations, schools and theatres around the world including 27 Ways I Didn't Say “Hi” to Laurence Fishburne (Actors Theatre of Louisville - Humana Festival, Milwaukee Rep - RepLab), Grandpa and the Gay Rabbi (Winner – 2016 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival), 30K Arabian Nights (San Jose Rep - SJREAL), The Legend(s) of Sleepy Hollow (Chance Theater) and The Giant and The Pixie (Chance Theater, New York SummerFest). Jonathan is the Executive Director of Unbound Productions in Los Angeles and is one of the co-creators of the multi-award winning immersive theatre events Wicked Lit, History Lit, and Mystery Lit. Plays written for Unbound include The New Catacomb, Las Lloronas, The Grove of Rashomon, Anansi and the Demons (Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery); The Garden Party and The Girl Who Owned a Bear (Pasadena Museum History); and Holmes, Sherlock, and The Consulting Detective (Los Angeles County Arboretum). Jonathan received an Individual Artist Award from the Pasadena Arts Council, is a five-time Finalist for Actors Theatre of Louisville's Heideman Award and has been named a Finalist for both the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference and the City Theatre National Short Play Award. His work has been recognized by the CTG/Humanitas Prize (Semi-Finalist), NuVoices at Actors Theatre of Charlotte (Semi-Finalist), the William Inge Theatre Festival (Short Play Lab), the Great Plains Theatre Conference (Short Play Lab), and the Heartland New Play Festival (Festival Winner). Fourteen of Jonathan’s plays are published by Steele Spring Stage Rights, Samuel French, YouthPLAYS, PlayScripts, Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, and Original Works Publishing. He is a proud member of Playground-LA’s Writer’s Pool, the Antaeus Playwrights Lab, the Dramatists Guild of American and a Lifetime Member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. B.A. in Theatre: Playwriting from UCSD. []

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