Las Lloronas
Las Lloronas
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Told through storytelling, dance, and music, this famous Mexican folk legend captures the story of a desperate mother who murders her children by drowning them in a river. 

Schools: This play is ambitious for schools. Some material may be objectionable, and some students (and parents) may be sensitive to central themes and elements within. 


The legend of “La Llorona” is very old and very new. The myth about the desperate mother who drowns her children in a river and then haunts the earth, crying for their lost souls, has roots in Mexican folklore but has spread to become one of the most beloved— and feared— tales of terror that the world has ever known. 

In this play, El Diablo guides us through five separate “La Llorona” stories— starting with Doña Marina and the Spanish Conquest of South America, to rural 18thcentury Mexico and the story of Araceli, to the halls of 19thcentury Mexican aristocracy, to two present-day horrors that were ripped from the headlines.

Las Lloronasis a multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary tale of horror, regret, and the deep dark things inside of people that lead them to the most horrendous of acts.


El Diablo – our dark master of ceremonies. He guides us through this journey in order to dishearten us and convince us to give up on our humanity.
Doña Marina: 20s/30s, a Nahua woman from the Mexican Gulf Coast, mid-16thcentury. Inspired by La Malinche – interpreter, advisor, lover, and intermediary for Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés.
- Happy Maria
- Witch (DANCE ROLE)
Araceli Gonzales: 20s, a Mexican flower-shop girl, early 19th century. Inspired by the iconic representations of the “La Llorona” folkloric protagonist
- The Weeping Woman
- Prostitute
- Spanish Lady
- Soldier
- Pia’s Daughter
Lady Amélie: 30s, European royalty living in mid-19th century Mexico. Inspired by Carlota of Mexico, empress consort of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico, the former Archduke of Austria. (SINGING ROLE)
- Attendant
- Maria’s Mother
- Prostitute
- Council of Aztecs
- Midwife
- Soldier
- Vain Maria
Leigh Wilson: 20s, mother of two living in 1990s New Mexico. Inspired by Susan Smith who was found guilty of murder in the drowning deaths of her two sons by strapping them in their car seats and rolling the car into a lake.
- Young Maria
- Lady Amelie Dancer (DANCE ROLE)
- Council of Aztecs
- Queen of Spain
- Soldier
Pia Faye Thomas: 30s, mother of four living in present-day Los Angeles. Loosely inspired by Andrea Yates, a convicted murderer who drowned her five children, ages six months to seven years, in the bathtub of her suburban home.
- Lady of the House
- Attendant
- Prostitute
- Council of Aztecs
- Midwife
- Soldier
- Pious Maria
The Men (played by at least two actors): ensemble characters who plays many parts throughout the play of varying ages and time periods.
- Maria’s Father
- Young Lord
- Council of Aztecs
- King of Spain
- Soldier
- Maria’s Love
- Soldier
- Mayan Slave Trader
- Hernán Cortés
- Emperor Frederick III
- Pia’s Husband
Casting Note: 
Minimum:5 F, 3 M (includes the doubling outlined below)
Maximum:15 F, 15 M (variable casting depending on doubling and use of additional actors to flesh out groups of people)
Setting:Numerous locations, both real and surreal.

Thirty-six of Jonathan's plays have been produced at site-specific locations, schools and theatres around the world including 27 Ways I Didn't Say “Hi” to Laurence Fishburne (Actors Theatre of Louisville - Humana Festival, Milwaukee Rep - RepLab), Grandpa and the Gay Rabbi (Winner – 2016 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival), 30K Arabian Nights (San Jose Rep - SJREAL), The Legend(s) of Sleepy Hollow (Chance Theater) and The Giant and The Pixie (Chance Theater, New York SummerFest). Jonathan is the Executive Director of Unbound Productions in Los Angeles and is one of the co-creators of the multi-award winning immersive theatre events Wicked Lit, History Lit, and Mystery Lit. Plays written for Unbound include The New Catacomb, Las Lloronas, The Grove of Rashomon, Anansi and the Demons (Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery); The Garden Party and The Girl Who Owned a Bear (Pasadena Museum History); and Holmes, Sherlock, and The Consulting Detective (Los Angeles County Arboretum). Jonathan received an Individual Artist Award from the Pasadena Arts Council, is a five-time Finalist for Actors Theatre of Louisville's Heideman Award and has been named a Finalist for both the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference and the City Theatre National Short Play Award. His work has been recognized by the CTG/Humanitas Prize (Semi-Finalist), NuVoices at Actors Theatre of Charlotte (Semi-Finalist), the William Inge Theatre Festival (Short Play Lab), the Great Plains Theatre Conference (Short Play Lab), and the Heartland New Play Festival (Festival Winner). Fourteen of Jonathan’s plays are published by Steele Spring Stage Rights, Samuel French, YouthPLAYS, PlayScripts, Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, and Original Works Publishing. He is a proud member of Playground-LA’s Writer’s Pool, the Antaeus Playwrights Lab, the Dramatists Guild of American and a Lifetime Member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. B.A. in Theatre: Playwriting from UCSD. []

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