Why Do Fools Fall in Love?


Why Do Fools
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Millie’s getting married! At her impromptu bachelorette party, Millie and her best friends dive into age-old questions about love, marriage, and the overwhelming dating game. As the celebration picks up steam and the drinks flow, the girls reveal scintillating secrets about their love lives, as they poke fun and challenge each other to take control of their lives. Featuring smash pop-hits from the 1960s such as “My Boy Lollipop,” “I Will Follow Him,” “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me,” and “Hey There Lonely Boy,” this uplifting show reaffirms that during life’s struggles, true friendship will unveil its everlasting strength— and often with a real rockin’ beat!


Act I

Why Do Fools Fall in Love? takes place in 1966. Millie is getting married in a couple of days and is recovering from her mother's bridal shower when she is surprised by two of her girlfriends, Sally and Florence, with food, booze, and Dee Dee (Flo’s cousin from out of town) in tow. As the drinking gets underway, loose lips begin sharing about each of their respective love lives, as well as Millie's upcoming nuptials. Sally brings out a Magic 8 Ball to liven up the party, but it leads to the revealing of well-kept secrets, including the fact that Millie's dreamy fiancé is nowhere to be found. Millie swears she'll find him and bring him back— her dreams of the perfect wedding won't be dashed because of something silly like a missing groom.

Act II

Six months pass, and the girls gather once again, this time to celebrate the engagement of Dee Dee to her longtime boyfriend. After the liquid refreshments begin flowing, we discover that Dee Dee's boyfriend is probably as bubble-headed as she, Flo is desperately in love with a coworker who doesn't even know she exists, and Sally keeps loving and losing them faster than anyone can keep count. The true drama rears its head when Sally confronts Millie about her less-than-perfect marriage. Millie breaks down and finally asks for help and forgiveness from her friends. Through it all, Sally, Millie, Florence, and Dee Dee come to understand that no matter how bad love becomes, true friendship is always there to fall back on.


Funny, enchanting, and delightful!

–Ravalli Republic


Millie – Mezzo-Alto. The bride-to-be. The perfect blend of a '60s homemaker icon, coupled with self-doubts about her cheating fiancé and her ability to deal with it. Her overriding desire for perfection is what stands in the way of her achieving a well-balanced and healthy relationship.

Sally – Mezzo-Soprano. Millie’s best friend and true polar opposite. Sally has a hip, cavalier attitude toward relationships. She is sassy, savvy, and liberated: a world-weary realist whose rose-colored glasses were smashed long ago. It is with Sally’s help and urging that Millie is finally able to face the truth of her relationship.

Florence – Alto-Bass. Overwhelmingly shy, Flo lives her life through what she hears, reads, and dreams about. Sassy herself after a bit of alcohol, she bites back when attacked. Flo exemplifies the rules of the times without ever getting what she really wants or needs.

Dee Dee – Mezzo-Soprano. Flo’s cousin from out of town. Dee Dee is an innocent and irrepressible romantic, eager and wide-eyed to learn more about the world, yet unbelieving in the harshness of its realities. A little bit of sugar goes a long way with Dee Dee and her overzealous sweet tooth.

Creator’s Note: Intricate harmonies throughout for everyone. Every character has mezzo-pop-belt solos.

Setting: Millie’s ’60s-era living room with attached kitchen.

  1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
  2. My Boy Lollipop
  3. It Hurts To Be In Love
  4. He's A Rebel
  5. Watch Out Sally
  6. Baby I'm Yours
  7. I Will Follow Him
  8. I Stand Accused
  9. Untrue Unfaithful (That Was You)
  10. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  11. Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (Reprise)
  12. Gee Whiz
  13. Where Did I Go Wrong?
  14. I Do
  15. Hey There Lonely Boy / Goin Out Of My Head
  16. Hurt So Bad
  17. A Fool In Love
  18. God Give Me Strength
  19. Finale - A Little Bit of Soap

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“A thoroughly enjoyable evening from pop music master Roger Bean.” —Vital Source, Milwaukee

“Excellent and refreshing!” —Vital Source, Milwaukee

“Blast from the past kitsch from the 1960s!” —Shepherd Express, WI

“Wonderfully comic— well worth a nostalgic revisit.” —Shepherd Express, WI

“Beehives, boys and breakups. A funny, infectious and winning mix.” —Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“Great and silly, with inspired lunacy.” —OnMilwaukee.com

Why Do Fools Fall in Love? is nostalgic, funny, enchanting and delightful. Don't miss it.” —Ravalli Republic, MT

“A tasty little musical confection.” —Bellows Falls Town Crier, VT

“A big, gooey cupcake just waiting to be gulped down in one bite!” —Artsy Schmartsy Online

“One funny show, with a lot of meaning.” —BroadwayWorld

“If Sex and the City were a 1960s musical, it would be Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” —Summit Daily News

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