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Watson3-Final War
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This is the third play in the WATSON Series!

An act of sabotage at a secret British military base prompts Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson to investigate the mysterious “Voice of Terror” behind it. What follows is a game of cat and mouse of epic proportions as the sleuths look to thwart the villain amongst the backdrop of World War I: from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea to the skies above France and the desert sands of Arabia. Favorite characters return in this final installment, along with new characters ripped from history and literature. The inventive spirit, dynamic staging, and off-beat humor that the first two Watson plays are known for are alive and well in this immensely satisfying conclusion to the trilogy that also stands completely on its own.




Doctor John Watson – The burly, bumbly, and brilliant sidekick to the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes – The greatest mind in all of London.

Mary Morstan Watson – Dr. Watson’s patient but restless wife.

Mycroft Holmes – Sherlock’s older, smarter brother. An unkempt, cranky genius.

Catherine Burkett – An ambitious wartime nurse.

Baron Claude Von Herling – A charming, ambitious, and dangerous businessman.

Herr Volk – Von Herling’s attaché. A brutal man of few words.

Stagehands – 2F, 3M. The mechanicals of the world of Watson. They move all the set pieces on and off stage, create much of the show’s theatricality, and play all of the featured roles, including Winston Churchill, Lieutenant Walter Tull, Katherine Furse, and Armand Pinsard. Lieutenant Tull must be played by a black actor.

Setting: England, the Western Front, and the Middle East at the outset of World War I.

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