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From the creator of the worldwide hit The Musical of Musicals (the Musical!) comes a tale of blackmail, media corruption, and political scandal… in high school. It’s 1977, and Vanessa, a popular cheerleader, has beaten science nerd Wendy for Student Council President with a campaign reeking of conspiracy and deceit. When the school paper breaks a bankruptcy scandal that could end her term, Vanessa makes a scapegoat of Eric, a band geek with a delicate secret. It’s Mean Girls meets High School Musical as the student body seeks to uncover the truth. With a '70s-style score, this coming-of-age saga illustrates how it’s Up to You to take a stand against bullying, no matter how unpopular it may make you.


It’s the fall of 1977, and life at Hamilton High includes seniors who pick on freshmen, football players who play practical jokes, and a popular group of cheerleaders who believe they rule the school. One thing they all share is the joy they experience at the end of the school day, when the bell rings and they are finally free to pursue their own interests (“Let Freedom Ring”).

Wendy, a smart but unpopular senior, is running for Student Council President. She’s having trouble collecting signatures necessary for her to get on the ballot. The football players are too busy picking on the younger freshmen, the cheerleaders too busy gossiping, and the school newspaper reporters are too busy looking for the next big story. The Day family, inspired by the Osmonds, the Jacksons, and the Partridges, are too involved in their music rehearsal to pay any attention to the issues of student government. Wendy is starting to think that there is no hope for her, until her friend Eric shows up. He’s running for Treasurer, and they agree to stand by one another. (“Who’s on my Side”).

Wendy runs an excellent campaign with encouragement from Eric. But in the end, she loses to head cheerleader, Vanessa, who wins by making all sorts of impossible promises to the voters (“We Can Have Everything”).

Wendy’s little brother Chris suspects that Vanessa’s victory was undeserved. He and his friends decide to be spies and uncover the truth (“Secret Agents”).

Meanwhile, Eric is elected Student Council Treasurer, mainly because no one else ran for it. There have been rumors going around that Eric and his friend David were more than just friends. Wendy has always tried to defend Eric against these accusations. But now, in an attempt to comfort Wendy over her loss, Eric shares the truth about himself (“Everyone Makes a Difference”).

Once in office, Vanessa squanders all the Student Council’s funds on new cheerleader outfits, pom-poms, a megaphone, and other cheerleading paraphernalia. The Homecoming Dance is coming up, and the Student Council now has no money left to make it happen. Vanessa blames it all on Eric, the school Treasurer. When the school reporters get wind of this, it becomes a big story (“We’re Going Broke”).

Vanessa uses evidence that Eric is gay as blackmail to keep him quiet about who was really to blame for the financial crisis. She devises a plan to raise money for the Homecoming Dance, which involves bullying and intimidation, but in her mind it’s all for a good cause (“School Spirit”).

Vanessa has the football players gang up on Eric after school. Chris and the other little kids, having been good spies, warn Wendy about what’s going to happen. Wendy, who from the beginning wanted to make an important difference, does so. In an act of heroism, she stands up for her friend Eric, and for all the students (“Live and Let Live”).

Vanessa is removed from the Student Council and Wendy is able to create a wonderful Homecoming Dance with terrific entertainment: the Day Family Singers! They sing their latest hit song as the students of Hamilton High dance the night away (“Up to You”).


Wry, witty, and ultimately courageous.

–The New York Times


Eric – Our narrator. He is a senior at Hamilton High. In addition to being in the band, the chorus, and drama club, he is also running for Student Council Treasurer.

Wendy – Wants to make a difference in the world. Her interests include astrology and the environment. She’s a true individual who doesn’t follow the crowd.

Cheerleaders and School Mascot:

Vanessa – The head cheerleader at Hamilton High.

Tracy – Vanessa’s best friend and second-in-command.

Shelley – Loyal to Vanessa; that’s why she’s on Student Council.

Molly – A truly kind person. Vanessa puts her on Student Council.

Laura – Not much of a talker, but boy can she cheer!

Michele – Joins the Student Council to get in good with Vanessa.

Melissa – Helps promote Vanessa as Student Council President.

Mark – Quits the band to become the school mascot, “Pirate Pete.”

Football Players:

Tom – The star quarterback.

Bill – Tom’s best buddy and a bit of a class clown.

John – A tough guy who enjoys his physical dominance.

Jim – A man of few words but a lot of swagger.

School Newspaper Editors:

Jenny – A smart girl and a bit of a social climber.

Pat – Level-headed and devoted to the school paper.


Janet – A good student who joins the anti-bullying group.

Marilyn – Quick to spot an injustice; joins anti-bullying group with Janet.

Jeff – Has a social conscience; on Student Council.

Leona – Has a good sense of humor. She joins Student Council with Jeff.

Day Family Singers:

May – Ambitious and eager to agree with people; on Student Council.

Summer – The practical one in the group.

Holly – Sings alto and is also on the Student Council with May.

Independence – The lead singer of the group and a real go-getter.

Little Kids:

Chris – Wendy’s precocious little brother. He’s into spy magazines.

Mara – In awe of the high school kids.

Cindy – The youngest of the group and eager to share her views.

Russell – The fourth-grade class clown.

Annie – Very knowledgeable about Hamilton High.

Amy – Takes everything very, very seriously.

Claude – Very curious and is always asking questions.

Kevin – Enjoys scaring his friends with the horrors of Hamilton High.

Setting: Hamilton High, a typical American high school, in the weeks leading up to and following the Student Council election of 1977.

  1. Let Freedom Ring
  2. Who's On My Side
  3. Who's On My Side (Reprise)
  4. We Can Have Everything
  5. Secret Agents
  6. We Can Have Everything (Reprise)
  7. Everyone Makes A Difference
  8. We're Going Broke
  9. School Spirit
  10. Live And Let Live Mix
  11. Up To You

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“Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, Up to You is a fun hour-long romp with upbeat songs.” –The New York Post

Up to You is packed with rousing numbers about respecting other people’s rights and poignant ballads about making good choices.” –Huffington Post

“Accompanied by poignant ballads, jazz-inflected numbers, as well as big show tunes, its message can’t be overstated: it does get better.” –The New York Times

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