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Superhero Town
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Superhero Town mashes up the mundane world of suburban life with the thrilling world of superheroes.

In Act I (The Superhero Who Wouldn't), a young girl dreams of living a normal life as a landscape gardener, but the Scarlet Sisters have other plans.

In Act II (Mom In Superhero Land), we follow the matriarch of a superhero family as she juggles the demands of her family while trying to save the planet as only a mom can.

Each act of Superhero Town can stand separately and be played as a one-act.


Act I
The Superhero Who Wouldn’t: 30-35min

Young Ginger was gifted with superpowers, which does not jibe with her dream of being a landscape gardener living a normal life. Her mom, Mrs. Watson, won’t allow it. She speaks of her own dreams in community theatre that gave way to the superhero life. Ginger’s sister, Wind, teases her about her life choice. She’s totally lame and won’t fight supervillains with Wind anymore. Ginger remains steadfast in her desire for a normal life.

Ginger and Wind’s father seems to be missing, worrying them greatly as he is aging and may have lost a step. Mr. Watson returns from his adventures, having really lost that step, and some memory in the process. This is actually a dastardly plot by the Scarlet Sisters, which is ultimately thwarted by an unassuming Ginger. Ginger returns to her rightful place at her mother and sister’s side.

Act II

Mom in Superheroland: 30-35min
Romo and his girlfriend, Jewell, sit around shooting the breeze until they are interrupted by Jewell’s sister, Luce. Romo notices the tension between the two and sees himself out. Luce is furious that Jewell keeps bringing humans into the house. They get into a fight which is interrupted by an adoring pair of fans.

Mom comes home and chews the sisters out for fighting in the house. They need to work harder at their alter egos or else they’ll disappoint their constantly dying superhero dad. Youngest sister Sue Anne enters, excited about her newly discovered power and her first day as a superhero. Brother Jimmy tells the whole story.

There is a knock on the door. It’s supervillain Chaos, who reveals that he has poisoned the whole supervillain clan, but he is thwarted by Sue Anne, who melts him with water. The family is restored, but Mom has to clean up the mess. A mother’s work is never done!



Act I – 5F, 1M

The Superhero Who Wouldn’t

Mrs. Watson – Female; a nice but strong mother.

Mr. Watson – Male; the father; a little confused.

Ginger – Female; younger sister.

Wind – Female; older sister.

Scarlet Fury – Female; superhero bad girl.

Scarlet Blaze – Female; ditto.

Act II – 6F, 3M

Mom in Superheroland

Romo – Male; a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy.

Jewel – Female; she’s both fierce and philosophical.

Luce – Female; Jewel’s sister; smart and combative.

Twins – Females; sincere but not too smart.

Mom – Female; both a mom and a superhero.

Dad – Male; a "dadly" superhero.

Sue Anne – Female; a quiet sister; the youngest.

Jimmy – Male; Sue Anne’s boyfriend; nerdish.

Chaos – Female; a villainous superhero from down South.

Living room.

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