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Told as a series of short plays, Highlife explores the tumultuousness of kids about to take the next step into adulthood. The first act is through the prism of that All-American ritual, the pajama party. The second act tackles break-ups, gossip, and what happens moments after the tasseled caps land on the ground.

Educators can alter the running order of plays— creating infinite possibilities.!


Act I - Pajama Party – 16F, 3M (30-40 min)

A young girl named Clifford details the trials and tribulations of all the slumber parties she has overseen.

A group of teen girls (Olivia, Arva, Briella, Mia, Maggie, and Perla) attend the inaugural Ivy Grove Halloween pajama party sleepover. They talk food, family, and their own ambitions with a pact that one of them will be the first woman to make it on the moon.

Guy Thing
Boz, Liam, and Jake’s pajama party for bros is rudely interrupted by Jake’s sister Kiki. She mocks the guys, who tell her the party is actually a mock pajama party— part of a bet to show Jake’s girlfriend Ilana Lagerfeld that men can actually be friends and not just have activities side by side. The reward: World Series tickets. Kiki is fascinated and decides to help them have the authentic slumber party experience.

Pool Play
Weird girl Diedré is invited by Shakes to a pajama party for the popular kids. While waiting for everyone to arrive, they discuss their hopes and dreams for college and how Diedré is an outcast. She reveals she is paying for her college education… as a pool hustler! Impressed, Shakes invites her into the inner circle.

The Wallet
Whynetta, the “activist’s activist,” explains to the friends at her college slumber party how she gets things done. Her girlfriends discuss how parties like these can allow themselves to be vulnerable with each other. Whynetta disagrees. She’d rather be respected than loved. Karen struggles with the balance and discusses that particular dilemma with her current boyfriend. Whynetta sets her right with a ruthless, but honest, plan.

Act II - Love, Loss, and Graduation – 11F, 6M (30-35 min)

Leni laments the lack of school spirit in college, based on her older brother’s experience in school. “That’s because it's Idaho State and not someplace like Alabama,” exclaims Benbo. They worry, along with their friends Jake and Joann, that college won’t meet their expectations or actually prepare them for the future. They decide to buck up. It’s senior year and that they should just let the river carry them where it will.

Kyle meets Jennifer in a forest to discuss their impending long-term relationship. Kyle thinks she’s dumping him, but after three years Jennifer wants to back out of their exclusivity. She thinks she’s in love, but has nothing to compare it to.

Dream Date
Tish, Maddy, and Dream share a chocolate cake and gossip. Aimee, sitting silently in the corner, dishes about her date with Billy McAfee and how it broke all the preconceived notions about him… for the worse… except he can literally fly.

Blue Shirt on Tuesdays
Boz and Jason play catch. Boz tells the insane story of a boy named Hamp interrupting Mrs. Glade’s class to propose to his girlfriend Sullie. Mrs. Glade winds up punching Hamp in the nose. Sullie said yes, FYI. They share more stories that illustrate that real life is always more interesting than anyone can imagine for themselves.

Jonah and Catherine wait at a bus stop, and Jonah reveals the very personal reason why he plays the trombone.

The Parrot
Graduation day! Tina, Keesha, and Bo take off their caps and gowns and prepare for what lies ahead, whether it be internships, running their dad’s business, or having a celebratory dinner with an aunt’s parrot.



Clifford – Female.

Olivia – Female.
Mia – Female.
Maggie – Female.
Perla – Female.
Briella – Female.
Arva – Female.

Guy Thing
Boz – Male.
Jake – Male.
Kiki – Female.
Liam – Male.

Pool Play
Diedré – Female.
Shakes – Female.

The Wallet
Jodi – Female.
Digby – Female.
Ellen – Female.
Whynetta – Female.
Lolo – Female.
Karen – Female.

Leni – Female.
Benbo – Male.
Joann – Female.
Jake – Male.

Jennifer – Female.
Kyle – Male.

Dream Date
Maddy – Female.
Tish – Female.
Dream – Female.
Aimeé – Female.

Blue Shirt on Thursdays
Jason – Male.
Boz – Male.

Jonah – Male.
Catherine – Female.

The Parrot
Tina – Female.
Kesha – Female.
Bo – Female.

Setting: The play can be done flat on the floor with furniture brought on and off by cast members, or there could be a series of platforms. A giant painting of a tiger’s head… or not. Simplicity is a virtue.

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