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Halibut High
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Everyone has a story, most especially teenagers. Halibut High is a kaleidoscopic slice-of-life look down the hallway and behind the gym of an All-American high school. Lives intersect, personalities clash, and the hopes and dreams of students are given voice in this look at what lies beyond the stereotypes of the kids at Halibut High.

Note: Each of Halibut High’s acts can stand separately and be played as one-acts.


Act I

The Hallway at Halibut High: 28-32min

After meeting some of the students, Lolo, the popular girl and star athlete, explains the importance of the hallway at Halibut High. Whack, the class bully, confronts Adam for supremacy of the hallway. Adam loses, but is revived and dusted off by Trudy, the new girl from Minnesota. They attempt to figure each other out. Where does Trudy sit? With the Jocks? The Brains? She’s a bit of a loner, but lets Adam in just enough.

Bo watches them walk off together before addressing the audience directly about the pitfalls of dating. Sal and some other kids join in the discussion about just what love means. Bogo slides in on his skateboard, dispersing that chatter, and opens up about his past homelessness and the scratch-off lotto ticket that changed his life. Keesa and Judy talk about the secret shame of eating with the wrong clique, and Hally and Maude talk about velociraptors. Sal-Sal hits on Adam, and Bo is in a bind whether to go to college or stay in town and help his mom run her bakery. Jake brings in a unique item for show-and-tell. Meanwhile, Trudy and Whack have an awkward encounter, but the ice breaks and we learn he isn’t as hard as he lets on.

Act II

Out Behind the Halibut Gym: 28-32min

Juice approaches a surly Ginny behind the gym. They talk about the star basketball player that spurned Ginny. Treyanne and Boise discuss prom but are interrupted by an appearance from… Frankenstein’s Monster, who takes a shine to Treyanne.

Emily, a sophomore, makes a ham-fisted speech about her aspirations to be class valedictorian, and Griff and Jace talk football. Ilona and Destiny do NOT get what all the fuss is about. The game is boring and boorish. The theatre kids bust in and silently rehearse a musical number. Over this performance, Louis tells about the class loudmouth who heroically stopped a school shooting. Adam and Eva mull over a gap year in France, and in the end, the show buttons with a ‘where are they now’ and what their lives eventually become long after their four-year stint at Halibut High.



Act I – The Hallway at Halibut High – 8F, 4M

Judy – Female. Cheerleader; now a red person.
Hally – Female. A girl with a weird problem.
Adam – Male. Big guy on campus; always takes a dare.
Bo – Female. Student leader.
Jake – Male. A good-looking guy with a short attention span.
Keesa – Female. A green person, literally.
Trudy – Female. Cheerleader.
Bogo – Male. Used to be homeless.
Lolo – Female. In charge of everything.
Sal-Sal – Female. Likely to run everything.
Whack – Male. Big guy on campus.
Maude – Female. Cheerleader.

Act II – Out Behind the Halibut Gym – 11F, 8M, 1F/M

Ginny – Female. Dealing with first love.
Juice – Female. Has some negative energy.
Cole – Male.
Julia – Female. A possessive-type.
Toni – Female. A problem solver.
Treyanne – Female. Cheerleader.
Boise – Female. Cheerleader.
Monster – Male. Frankenstein’s Monster.
Emily – Female. Valedictorian.
Jace – Male. Football player.
Griff – Male. Football player.
Ilona – Female. Brain.
Destiny – Female. Brain.
Rollo – Male. A loner.
Cindy – Female. A loner.
Louis – Male. A brave guy with a story.
Adam – Male. A nerd boy in love.
Eva – Female. A nerd girl in love.
Musical Kids – 4 Female, 1 Male. Musical comedy-types.
Announcer – F/M (V.O.).

Casting Note: Through doubling and tripling, the cast could be as small as 7 women, 3 men.

Setting: Hallway of a high school/behind the gym.

Set Note: Both plays may be done with or without a traditional set. Platforms creating two playing areas might be helpful but not crucial.

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