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Frank, Dean, and Sammy are up in heaven, but God tells them they left some unfinished business back on Earth. It seems Frank made an unfulfilled promise to Vic, the owner of the Rat Pack Lounge. Now he and the boys have one night to make things right. No need for look-alikes or impersonators— just a cast who can charm your audience with hits like “My Way,” “What Kind of Fool Am I?” and “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.” With over 30 hit songs, The Rat Pack Lounge will leave you singing and savoring the days of highballs and high rollers.


The show opens with a nod to “It’s a Wonderful Life” as the stage fills with stars. We are in heaven, where God explains to Frank, Dean, and Sammy that in order for them to stay in heaven, they have to fix a little white lie Frankie told when he was down on Earth. If not, they will be forced to spend the rest of eternity in the fires of hell with Peter Lawford!

God sets the stage and points our attention to Vic Candelino, the woebegone owner of the Rat Pack Lounge on the seedy side of Las Vegas. Back when Vic’s dad ran the place, Frank, Dean, and Sammy stopped by when their limo got a flat. Frank told Vic’s dad he thought his son had talent. Frank was just being nice, but Vic grew up thinking he could be the next Sinatra. Now, some years later, without a hope in sight, Vic is ready to ‘off’ himself. God explains that no one can stay in heaven and be responsible for another human’s life.

In order to secure their place in heaven, Frank, Dean, and Sammy are forced to ‘go back down’ and right this wrong. How do they do it? By taking over the bodies of three people who happen to be in Vic’s bar at the time. Frank takes over the body of local developer William Saunders. Dean’s spirit lands in Mr. Saunders’ Spanish-speaking chauffeur, Jeorge Rodrigues, and Sammy feels right at home in the body of Bobby Goldberg, the bartender.

Our three stars love being back on Earth (“I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die”)! They then meet Vic, owner of the bar. In order to convince Vic who they are and that life is worth living, they sing (“High Hopes”). Vic is finally convinced and immediately faints. When Vic comes to, he announces that he doesn’t care who they are, he is going to ‘end it all.’ His business is a failure, his love life is down the tubes, and he now knows he has no talent. Frank has a brilliant idea! They will make him good! They will teach him how to sing! Frank goes first with the hit “My Way." Sammy is next, teaching him how to scat-sing with “Bee-Bom." Dean stops him… 'You need to sing like this!’ Dean teaches Vic to sing with a smooth style with the song “Volare." None of these are working, so Frank tries once more with “Nice ‘N’ Easy." Vic is now ready to put it all together and show us what he’s learned (“Come Fly With Me”). It’s a mess! Our three stars are doomed! Until Mr. Saunders’ secretary, Katherine, enters. This gives Dean an idea— they may not be able to convince Vic that life is worth living, but a woman sure could (“Young at Heart”)! Their plan is working. They serenade our lovebirds with “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head." When Katherine thinks she is being scammed, she tries to leave, but before she can get out the door, her body is taken over by Angie, an angel from above (“Too Close for Comfort”). Angie explains how she’s been helping men all through history with her powers (“Angel Said”). As Vic and Angie get to know each other, our boys reminisce about the past, knowing, one day, they will be forgotten (“In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”). This gives Sammy an idea… what if they make a deal with the devil so they can stay on earth forever (“Bye Bye Blackbird”)! They become almost drunk on the idea of living forever! They imagine their comeback (“That’s Amore") (“You Make Me Feel So Young”) (“I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die” [Reprise])! When they realize this will not work, Frank suddenly becomes angry at Vic, accusing him of taking life for granted! What Frank wouldn’t do to have one more day on earth! While Frank rants, Vic slowly sings (“My Way”). The lesson is sinking in… all these years he was trying to sing like his heroes, The Rat Pack, but what he really needed to do was find his own voice.

As the music plays, we jump to six months later. We are now in the newly renovated Rat Pack Lounge. Stars fill the stage as Vic, now in a tuxedo, rushes on to become our host (“It’s A Wonderful World”)! He welcomes the audience and introduces his new friends, here to help him celebrate opening night!

This starts a celebration of Rat Pack songs! Dean’s set is up first (“For Me and My Gal”) (“Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime”). Angie comes out and together they sing (“I Love Being Here With You”). Next, Sammy explodes on stage with a rousing rendition of (“Something’s Gotta Give”), followed by (“What Kind of Fool Am I?”). We now focus on Frank. He comes out and sings a sultry version of “One for My Baby.” The others join Frank on stage for a fun-filled “I’ve Got You Under My Skin." The Rat Pack are finally together (“You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You”). It’s now time for our three friends to say goodbye and return to heaven. After a tearful farewell, Vic is left on stage to sing (“I’ve Got the World on a String!”). As the audience exits, they hear ‘God’ trying to sing (“I’ve Got the World on a String”), because deep down… don’t we all want to be as cool as Frankie!


No matter the decade in which you were born, if you love music, this is a show you won't want to miss.

–Broadway World


Bobby Goldberg/Sammy Davis, Jr. – Lifelong friend of Vic, and Janitor at the Rat Pack Lounge… his body is taken over by Sammy Davis, Jr… he sings, dances, and does impersonations with all the show biz prowess of Sammy! Vocal Range: Tenor A2 to D5.

William Saunders/Frank Sinatra – Texan Real Estate Tycoon… his body is taken over by Frank Sinatra… he sings, drinks, and takes control as only the Chairman of the Board can! Vocal Range: High Baritone G2 to G4.

Jeorge Rodrigues/Dean Martin – Spanish Speaking Limo Driver… his body is taken over by Dean Martin… sings, talks, and drinks like the great cutup and practical joker… Dino! Vocal Range: Baritone G2 to G4.

Katherine Kerr/Angie – Overly officious secretary of William Saunders… her body is taken over by an angel who is remarkable reminiscent of the very sexy Angie Dickenson. Vocal Range: Belter F# 3 to D5.

Vic Candelino – Owner of the Rat Pack Lounge… his life is changed when he is visited from above by the Rat Pack… and he finally finds his own voice! Vocal Range: G2 to G4.

Secretary (Voice Over) – Prerecorded so can be the same actress who plays Angie.

God (Voice Over) – Prerecorded so can be one of the actors in show or is an opportunity for a local celebrity.

Setting: The entire show takes place inside a small, rundown, forgotten nightclub on the wrong side of the Las Vegas Strip called the Rat Pack Lounge.

  1. I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die
  2. High Hopes
  3. My Way
  4. Bee-Bom
  5. Volare
  6. Nice ‘N’ Easy
  7. Come Fly With Me
  8. Young at Heart
  9. Ain’t That a Kick in the Head
  10. Too Close for Comfort
  11. Angel Said
  12. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
  13. Bye Bye Blackbird
  14. That’s Amore
  15. You Make Me Feel So Young
  16. I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die
  17. My Way
  18. It’s a Wonderful World
  19. For Me and My Gal
  20. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
  21. I Love Being Here With You
  22. Something’s Gotta Give
  23. What Kind of Fool Am I?
  24. One for My Baby
  25. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
  26. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You
  27. I’ve Got the World on a String
  28. Birth of the Blues
  29. I’ve Got The World on a String

The Rat Pack Lounge is licensed by Stage Rights through the courtesy of Miracle or 2 Productions.

Billing responsibilities, pertinent copyright information, and playwrights' biographies are available in the show rider that comes with your license agreement. To download the show rider for The Rat Pack Lounge, click here.

“A Delight from Start to Finish!” –Boca Raton News

“A ring‐a‐ding‐ding evening’s romp that is both swinging and heartfelt.” –Palm Beach Post

The Rat Pack Lounge is a great musical for those who are still in love with The Rat Pack.” –Talkin’ Broadway

“If you want tickets to The Rat Pack Lounge, go buy them right now. No, really, put down the newspaper and head for the phone or computer. Of course, it might already be too late. I say this because as of opening night on Friday, only a handful of tickets remained for the entire run of the musical comedy. The show features the music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. If you want proof of their enduring popularity, look no further than the sold-out notices at the Playhouse.” –Orlando Sentinel

"A highly entertaining musical comedy. I highly recommend the Rat Pack Lounge." —BroadwayWorld

"Gather around the bar and lift up a glass in tribute to the legends of Frank, Sammy and Dean who are living large again in the Rat Pack Lounge." —Middletown Press

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