Life & Adventures of Santa Claus


Life and Adventures
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Based on the fascinating book by L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, this new musical chronicles the life of Claus, from his humble beginnings in an enchanted forest of mythical beings to his famous toy deliveries throughout the world. Complete with delightful music and imaginative storytelling, this origin story of the legend that is Santa Claus is a sweeping saga of love, joy, and peace.


Act I

Deep inside the magical Forest of Burzee, beneath the mighty and grand trees, live the immortal creatures who rule the world. Among them is a sweet yet fiery wood nymph named Necile. On this particular day, she is concerned and alarmed. She calls out for the Immortals (“A Child of the Forest, Part One”).

Led by the Great Ak and the majestic Queen Zurline, the council listens to Necile, who explains their friend, Claus, is about to reach the end of his mortal life. She explains his importance to children and to the entire world (“A Child of the Forest, Part Two”), and the story of Claus unfolds.

Necile recounts the fateful day she discovered a mortal infant alone in the woods (“A Baby”). Calling for Queen Zurline, Necile also gets the attention of Great Ak, who explains why the Immortals must not interfere with the human world. But looking at the child, he recalls a time long ago when he too came to the aid of a young human boy (“Ak’s Story”). Reluctantly, he allows Necile to care for the infant. She is completely filled with joy at this news (“A Child of the Forest, Part Three”).

Years have passed, and the infant, who has been named Claus, thrives and grows in the magical world of the Immortals (“He’s Claus!”). On this, the day of his thirteenth birthday, Ak reaches out for Claus and takes him to see the world beyond the forest— the mortal world.

There in the village (“Gray”) are the humans, both rich and poor, who live a life quite different than that Claus has enjoyed in the woods.

Upon his return to Burzee, this caring and sensitive young man Claus announces he is compelled to dedicate his life to children— to bring joy to every innocent child no matter what his or her circumstance. He will leave the forest and begin his mission. To guide him, Great Ak employs the help of Calon, a spirited elf, who will accompany the young Claus on his quest.

Together, Claus and Calon reach the edge of Burzee, a bright and snowy wonderland (“Laughing Valley”) where they set up a home. Using fallen tree branches, Claus spends his time carving shapes and images of his friends in Burzee. One night, he hears a cry from the snowy hillside and discovers a boy from the village who is lost. Giving him shelter for the night, he sets off the next morning to return the child to his family. The boy has spotted Claus’s carvings, and is given one of them to take back to the village. Upon the boy’s return, the other children are in awe of the kind man, his elf, and the unique gift unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Claus gives each child his own carving bringing happiness throughout the village (“What Do You Call It”).

Claus and Calon set out to make more carvings to share with children in other villages. But word of Claus and his generosity have spread to the Awgwa— the evil-doers of the land. These two evil creatures and their minions wish nothing but misery on everyone and everything (“Like the Awgwa Do”). In an instant, they capture Claus and Calon. Claus’s cry for help is heard by the Immortals, and the Great Ak along with Necile and Queen Zurline appear. They insist the Awgwa release their captives (“Begone”) as Act I closes.

Act II

Act II of Necile’s story begins moments later. The Awgwa tease and taunt Claus and the Immortals. But when Ak produces a magical branch from the Tree of Light, evil falters and the Awgwa are all but vaporized. This is a cause for celebration (“A Holiday”)!

Claus and Calon once again bid farewell to their Immortal friends as they set out on their mission to bring happiness to children. Now more than ever, they are driven (“Yes We Can”).

Armed with a large bag of carvings and presents, Claus and Calon begin their first night of distribution! When met with locked doors in the village, Claus and his elf take to the rooftops and use chimneys to gain entry. Here, for the first time they find stockings by the fireplace and fill them with treats for one and all. The village awakens to discover the wonders. Could this be the work of the man with the carvings? Could it be the work of a Saint (“Saint Nicholas Was Here”)?

When Claus faces the dilemma of how to share his gifts with the world, the Immortals return with one Peter Knook, who oversees the animals of the world. Knook is delighted to offer his one-of-a-kind team of flying reindeer to transport Claus on an annual journey around the world. And Christmas Eve is selected as the day this wondrous event will take place.

Necile has completed her plea to Great Ak and the Immortal council. She has recounted the stories of Claus and his love and dedication to help the children of the world. Without pause, Ak summons the aging Claus and grants him the mantel of Immortality. From now till forever, Claus will continue his mission (“A Happy Child”).


Discover for yourself how to get Happiness and Joy and learn all over again that 'in all the world there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child.

–Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critics Circle


Necile – A wood nymph. Though small in stature, she is outspoken, determined, and full of love.

Queen Zurline – The good-hearted, statuesque, and powerful Queen of the forest.

Ak – The master woodsman, overseer of all of Burzee. Strong, fierce, and powerful.

Calon – A larger than life elf, full of life and self-doubt.

Little Claus – A loving boy, nearly eight years old.

Young Claus – Kind-hearted, late teen.

Claus – A man of peace, goodness, and love.

Awgwa Sisters – A pair of bumbling, stumbling, evil-hearted creatures.

Peter Knook – An Immortal who looks after the animal world of Burzee.

Setting: The play takes place in the Forest of Burzee, a clearing in Laughing Valley and various locations in a small village.

  1. Overture
  2. Child of the Forest (Part 1)
  3. Child of the Forest (Part 2)
  4. A Baby
  5. Ak's Story
  6. Child of the Forest (Part 3)
  7. He's Claus
  8. Gray
  9. Laughing Song
  10. What Do You Call It (Part 1)
  11. What Do You Call It (Part 2)
  12. Like the Awgwa Do
  13. Begone!
  14. Entr'Act Begone! (Reprise)
  15. Yes We Can
  16. A Holiday
  17. Yes We Can (Reprise)
  18. Saint Nicholas Was Here
  19. Child of the Forest (Part 4)
  20. A Happy Child

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“Enchanting… Exceptional!” –Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critics Circle

“A family production full of charm and affection.” –Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critics Circle

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