Brothers Grimm And A Showgirl


Brothers Grimm & Showgirl
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This wildly imaginative new family musical features spoofs and goofs of all your favorite fairy tales. Meet Jacob, Wilhelm, and George­— The Brothers Grimm themselves— all set to present their best-known stories. But when they forget their book of fairy tales, the fun really starts. Add a sequined and feathered Showgirl to help the guys, and you’ve got a great big comedy hit! Featuring exciting versions of “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Snow White,” “Rapunzel,” and “Sleeping Beauty,” the fun leads to a delightfully nonsensical and audience-inspired story called “Das Rumpleshperlinschpee.”


Act I

This super fun, wildly imaginative new family musical features spoofs and goofs of all your favorite fairy tales including Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and more! It’s the most ‘happy ever after’ show you’ll ever see!

Jacob, Wilhelm and George— The Brothers Grimm have arrived onstage to tell the audience their best-loved tales. But George has forgot to bring along the book of stories. How will they do the show without the book?? (“Das Book”) As they are about to begin, a sparkling, glittering Showgirl parades past the stage. Who is she?

It is decided, they will tell the stories from memory. First up is Little Red Riding Hood.

Wilhelm describes the story as a comedy. Jacob considers this tale a drama! And George recalls this story as a musical!! Which will it be? It is decided to perform the story all three ways and let the audience decide which it is! (“Little Red Riding Hood Musical”) In all three versions, the Showgirl makes a cameo appearance. But who is she?

Finally, the brothers confront the Showgirl. She’s just happened along and wanted to be a part of the show. In a most happy fashion, the Brothers welcome her to help tell their stories. Maybe she can help them remember things, since they are still without the book!

Her favorite story is The Mouse, The Bird and The Sausage. The Brothers happily oblige and perform the story—with a new twist, thanks to the Showgirl!

The Showgirl then suggests the Brothers tell a princess story. Will it be Rapunzel? Or maybe Snow White? Or could it be Sleeping Beauty??? The Brothers are challenged by the Showgirl to tell all three stories at the same time! They complete the task in a fun-filled, fast-paced telling of all three stories using puppets, wigs, knock-knock jokes and lots of laughter! (“Happy Ever After”)

Act II

The second act begins with George stealing a moment with the audience (“Follow The Breadcrumbs”). Jacob and Wilhelm arrive to get the show back on track as they tell the story of The Fisherman and His Wife (“The Fishy Song”) where the Showgirl plays the magical wishing fish. (“You Can Always Have A Fish Stick!”)

It’s time for the Showgirl to leave, but the Brothers convince her to stay and help them tell their brand new story. They need the help since none of them recall how the story goes. Not a problem for the Showgirl, who is excited to help them improvise as they attempt to perform the new story, “Das Rumpleshperlinschpeel.” The cast takes suggestions from the audience in telling this wildly funny, nonsensical story which brings the cast to the finale! And when is all said and done, George finds the missing book! Tah Dah!


Fast-paced and inventive, this is the most ‘happy ever after’ show around!


Jacob Grimm – The oldest, most practical and leader of the brothers.

Wilhelm Grimm – Fun-loving ‘middle’ brother. He’s along for the ride and enjoys every minute.

George Grimm – The prankster and troublemaker. Youngest of the brothers.

Showgirl – A glamorous sequined and feathered Marilyn Monroe-type.

Setting: Various locations as told through several fairy tales

  1. Das Book Part 1
  2. Das Book Part 2
  3. Fanfare: Deep, Dark Drama
  4. Fanfare: Theeeee End
  5. Fanfare: Whackity-Schmackity-Doo
  6. Little Red, Das Musical (Part 1: Who's The Girl)
  7. Part 2: Slow Down, Little Girl
  8. Part 3: To Grandmother's House
  9. Part 4: Duet
  10. Little Red-Citative
  11. Part 5: Tap One Out
  12. Fanfare: Mouse, Bird, Sausage
  13. Fanfare: Three Princesses
  14. Happy Ever After
  15. Follow The Breadcrumbs
  16. Mrs. Gorton's Fishsticks Jingle
  17. Fishy Introduction Song
  18. You Can Always Have A Fishstick

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“Ridiculously entertaining.” –TheatreMania

“A fun-filled, wildly imaginative family musical featuring spoofs and goofs of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and many others.” –BroadwayWorld

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