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It’s the new millennium, and the girl group that everyone loves is bringing back the sun, fun, and all the great songs they sang down on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore... all to raise money for the good folks at Sandy Shores RV Resort. In front of a live audience, The Bikinis relive their heyday and beyond, beginning in the summer of ’64 when the group got their name winning the Belmar Beach Talent Contest in their bikinis! Featuring hits like “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini,” “Under The Boardwalk,” “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’,” “It’s Raining Men,” and many more, The Bikinis is a nonstop celebration that promises to get audiences dancing in the aisles!


Act I

The new millennium nears… Y2K looms… and The Bikinis are back together for the first time in 20 years to raise money for good folks at Sandy Shores Mobile Home Beach Resort. It seems Sandy Shores is being threatened by a huge real estate conglomerate that wants to buy everyone out, rip down the RVs, and build a high-rise condo building on the valuable ocean front property. The two sisters Annie and Jodi are on opposites sides of the issue. Annie wants to use the money to fight those ‘unscrupulous lawyers who want to rip down their homes,’ while Jodi wants to use the money to pay for a reputable lawyer who can get them even more money!

The show opens with a rousing rendition of “It’s in His Kiss!” Then, in front of a live audience, The Bikinis relive their heyday, beginning the summer of 1964, the night these four inseparable friends got their name, winning the Belmar Beach Talent Contest, singing “Itsy Bitsy… Polka Dot Bikini!” That one trophy was all it took. These four best friends— Jodi, Annie, their cousin Karla, and best friend Barbara— decide they are going to become the number one girl group in America! All they need is $875.00 to record their own “45.” They don’t have that kind of money, but Jodi, their self-appointed manager, has a plan. Their first booking? A sweet 16 party! (“Heat Wave,” “Be My Baby,” “Mama Said,” “Shop Around,” “Under the Boardwalk,” and “Where the Boys Are.”)

The Bikinis spend the next winter learning songs and buying the same “45s,” and by the next summer, they are playing weddings (“Chapel of Love”), a family reunion (“Mambo Italiano”), a bar mitzvah (“Hava Nagila”), and The Fireman’s Ball “Remember (Walking in the Sand).” And who can forget their famous dance medley that got every guy and gal on their feet with “The Twist,” “The Mashed Potato,” “The Freddie,” “The Limbo Rock,” “The Wah Watusi,” and more.

Annie stops the show to entertain the audience with a slide show of photos from Sandy Shores’ past. Jodi accuses Annie of using cheap sentiment to sway the audience’s judgment. Jodi then reminds the audience they are each offered $250,000 per trailer and her advice is to sell! Annie reminds the audience they need a majority vote in order to sell.

The summer of 1966 brought new heights of creativity for The Bikinis with “Beach Blankets, Boards and Balls,” their spoof on the ever popular surf movies, bringing to life Frankie & Annette, Elvis, and an ultra-mod Nancy Sinatra with songs like “Beach Blankets,” “Secret Agent Man,” “Wipe Out,” and “These Boots are Made for Walkin’.” It was this showmanship that caught the eye of a local disc jockey at WJLK in Asbury Park, Little Lou Richards, who told them that if they could come up with an original song, he’d play it on his radio show! The summer had come to a close, and The Bikinis now had nine months to write a hit. And that’s exactly what they did.

In 1967 The Bikinis rolled out their very own original song entitled “In My Bikini.” Little Lou, remaining true to his word, allowed the girls to perform the song live on his program. The Bikinis were instant celebrities! Little Lou had one more surprise. He told the girls that if they could come up with another song for the B-side, he would PAY for them to make their “45.” ‘American Bandstand here we come!’

Act II

As The Bikinis went off to college, the country was changing. It was the summer of 1968, and the Vietnam War had definitely found itself into the consciousness of the vacationers at the Jersey Shore. The Bikinis trade the “two piece” in for “new peace." With “flowers in their hair,” they find a new sound with songs like “Time of the Season,” “Incense and Peppermints," and “Dedicated to the One I Love.”

During the summer of 1969, Annie was invited to a little rock concert in Upstate New York. She never made it to Woodstock, but her boyfriend did, and told her about a new young singer who reminded him of her. The Bikinis join Annie in her tribute to Melanie, and her message of peace and love, with “Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma,” “Lay Down Candles in the Rain,” and “Simple Song of Freedom.”

Karla opens up about her husband, ‘the fat little bald man from Philly’, Carl, singing their favorite song, “Midnight Blue.” When Jodi tries to back out of singing the country tune she wrote 15 years ago about her cheating ex-husband, the girls protest! (“Goodbye To You,” “When Will I Be Loved.”)

After an invitation to sing at New Jersey’s popular Soap Factory Disco, The Bikinis tried to get back together, with Barbara taking the lead as their “disco diva” singing songs like “I’m Every Woman,” “It’s Raining Men," “I Will Survive," and Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.” Unfortunately for them, The Soap Factory Disco closed the night they were scheduled to go on, so they never performed those songs until tonight.

As the show comes to a close, the votes are counted and it all comes down to one trailer who voted ‘undecided.’ Jodi steps forward and asks ‘Mr. or Ms. Undecided’ to finally acknowledge who they are and to announce what side of the issue they will be voting for. This is when Annie is finally forced to admit that Jodi, herself, is ‘Mr. or Ms. Undecided.’ Annie tells the truth: 'The contents of the RV were left to Annie, but the property itself was left to Jodi.’ Jodi must now decide what to do. Of course all turns out well, and with the promise of getting together every summer, The Bikinis sing the song from the B-side of their one "45" entitled “Sandy Shores,” named after the beautiful place where they all grew up together.


More than a jukebox revue - The Bikinis is a musical romp!

–Broadway World


Jodi – Annie’s sister. Originally from Paramus, NJ. In control and a bit passive aggressive. A corporate success with a failed marriage. Vocally, gravitates to the pop world. (OPTIONAL E below middle C (C3)) STANDARD A below middle C (C3) to E above C4 (OPTIONAL G above C4) more mezzo soprano- and belt

Annie – Jodi’s sister. Still a bit of a hippie. Also originally from Paramus, NJ. Never married. Took care of her parents at Sandy Shores Mobile Home Beach Resort on the Jersey Shore. Rock and Roller, who loves causes. (OPTIONAL E below middle C (C3)) STANDARD A below middle C (C3) to E belt above C4 (OPTIONAL G above C4) more Rock Alto Belt

Karla – Jodi and Annie’s “fun loving” cousin from Philly. As a teenager, she was wild, and she still likes to stir it up. Loves her husband of 25 years. Vocally, lives in the rock/pop world. (OPTIONAL E below middle C (C3)) STANDARD B below middle C (C3) to E above C4 (OPTIONAL G above C4) more mezzo soprano to soprano- and belt

Barbara – Their best friend from Staten Island. Says what she thinks with no apologies. Never thought she could love anything more than The Bikinis and R&B, until she met her husband, Benny. (OPTIONAL E below middle C (C3)) STANDARD G flat below middle C (C3) to C above C4 (OPTIONAL F above C4) more Soul R and B Alto

The Band of flexible size: Keys, Bass, Guitar, Drums

Setting: The show plays “concert style” and in real time, taking place in the recreation hall at Sandy Shores Mobile Home Beach Resort. It is New Years Eve of the new millennium.

  1. It's In His Kiss
  2. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
  3. Heat Wave
  4. Be My Baby
  5. Mama Said/Shop Around
  6. Under The Boardwalk
  7. Where The Boys Are
  8. Chapel of Love
  9. Mambo Italiano
  10. Hava Nagilia
  11. Remember, Walking In the Sand
  12. The Twist
  13. 60s Dance Craze Medley
  14. Beach Blankets, Boards and Balls
  15. You Love Me
  16. Secret Agent Man
  17. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
  18. Shakin' In The Sand
  19. In My Bikini
  20. Bikini Tag
  21. Time of the Season
  22. Incense and Peppermints
  23. Psychedelic Bikini
  24. Dedicated to the One I Love
  25. Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma
  26. Lay Down Candles In The Rain
  27. Simple Song of Freedom
  28. Midnight Blue
  29. Goodbye To You
  30. When Will I Be Loved
  31. Last Dance
  32. I'm Every Woman
  33. I Will Survive
  34. It's Raining Men
  35. Sandy Shores
  36. In My Bikini (Reprise)

The Bikinis is licensed by Stage Rights through the courtesy of Miracle or 2 Productions.

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“A smash hit on every level” –Critics On The Aisle

“A tidal wave of fun.” –Talkin’ Broadway

“Irresistible fun!” –Asbury Radio

“You’ve head of The Jersey Boys, well come meet The Jersey Girls. Gather those of your friends who have survived the decades...and divorce...and downsizing...and empty-nesting...and both male and female menopause...and go out to dinner...have a couple of glasses of wine...and then go see The Bikinis and let the memories flow.” –Connecticut Critic Circle

“Our audiences were dancing in the aisles!” –Queens Theatre In The Park

“A show with fire, style and nostalgia!” –The New Jersey Star Ledger

“The show tears through over 30 pop hits…a good-natured nostalgia trip to the beach and beyond.” –New Haven Independent

“A sweet boardwalk dessert – top heavy with talent.” –Asbury Park Press

“We sold out every performance. We should have extended yet again!” –ReVision Theatre

“★★★★!” –Connecticut Travel Advisor

"If somewhere up there musical-comedy luminaries such as Judy Garland, Ethel Merman, and the recently departed Debbie Reynolds have a god’s-eye view of the theatrical landscape, I’m convinced they tipped their celestial bowlers to the four ladies who opened in the jukebox musical The Bikinis." —OnStage Blog

"Phenomenal...I HIGHLY recommend The Bikinis." —BroadwayWorld

"The Bikinis is a trip down memory lane. You will leave smiling." —DC Metro Theatre Arts

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  • Piano
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  • Guitar
  • Drum

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