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Long before Glee, there was Show Choir! – The Musical, a melodious mockumentary about America’s favorite teen pastime… with jazz hands! Follow the journey of high school drama teacher Jake Jonathan and choir director Monica Susans as they form a show choir that unexpectedly becomes world-renowned pop superstars, the Symphonic Sensations. Will the choir buckle under the incredible pressures of modern celebrity or will they maintain perfect harmony? An international hit with audiences and critics alike, this hysterical and heartfelt original musical comedy is an effervescent, high-kicking delight!


The show is hip, modern (and) a completely entertaining experience!



Note: Throughout the show, all characters age eight years. Ages shown are their ages when they first enter the story.

Jake Jonathan – 30s male, tenor, easily excitable show choir visionary. Well intentioned but stubborn, self-assured and intense.

Monica Susans  30s, female, mezzo soprano, sweet, wholly supportive co-director of choir. A very talented musician. Hard worker with a big heart.

Janelle Solomon  High school junior, female, big range, vocal dynamo, lacks confidence but blossoms throughout the show.

Austin Peterson  High school junior, male, baritone, football player, fantastic dancer, gay.

Amber Cohen  High school junior, female, belty alto/2nd soprano, popular, easily manipulated, party girl.

Rajiv Imani  High school sophomore, male, tenor, Indian heartthrob, comic book nerd. Humble and a bit naïve.

Millie McNichols  High school sophomore, female, 2nd soprano, warm, friendly, honest, and dedicated.

Andrew “Dru” Peterson  High school junior, male, strong bass, confident, “urban” kid in the suburbs. Tough and fiercely loyal.

Tracey Thompson  High school sophomore, female, strong coloratura, clumsy, and funny.

Dave Stone  High school junior, male, baritone stoner, dates Karen. Must play guitar.

Melissa Sparing  High school freshman, female, soprano, dorky, intelligent, energetic, and spastic.

Sean Everett  High school freshman, strong tenor, conceited, obnoxious, insecure, gay.

Sabrina Turner  High school sophomore, alto, ruthless, attention hungry, Rich’s stepdaughter, excellent dancer.

Rich Cantore  60s, baritone, world-renowned record producer. A fast talker who is direct and charming.

Karen Noha  High school junior, alto, Asian American piano prodigy. Leader of the Show Choir band. Dry sense of humor.

Announcer  Any age, non-singing role, cheesy British voiceover.

                           Hal Folkes  Morning show host.

Character Man  Any age, tenor – to play the following:

                           Slappy Phelps  Jazz legend, Jake’s mentor.

                           Reggie  A gruff morning talk show co-host.

                           Harry Woolworth  An elderly dance teacher.

                           Adam Cohen  Amber’s father.

                           Donny Schwartzenstein  Of the sibling duo Donny and Donna.

                           Bryan Bayridge  Host, Red Carpet Special.

                           Bartender  Tokyo hotel bar.

Character Woman  Any age, mezzo soprano — to play the following:

                           Edith Jonathan  Jake’s mother.

                           Rosie Pertersworth  Head of Show Choir Nationals.

                           Kit  A perky morning talk show co-host.

                           Sarita Imani  Rajiv’s success-minded mom.

                           Shari Shalomar  Voice teacher to the stars.

                           Donna Schwartzenstein  Of the sibling duo Donny and Donna.

                         Jane Streams  Elderly fashion critic, Red Carpet Special.

                          Auditionee  For “Show Choir of Tomorrow.”

Chorus of 3-6  20s, any type – to play the following: 

                          Amy, Danny & Rob  Karen’s “Band of 3.”

                          Fairfield Firecrackers  A rival show choir.

                          Buffalo Bravado  A rival show choir.

                          Commercial Actors  Diet Fizz.

                          Celebrity Presenters  At the Grammys.

                          Cameramen  Various times.

                          Reporters  At the Grammys.

                          Bar Patrons  New York dive bar.

                          Various Characters

Setting  Time: 2004 -2012.

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"Up With People meets Spinal Tap! Campy fun." –Theater Scene

Show Choir! is an absolutely hilarious parody of a musical, full of brilliant one-liners. It's Fame for this generation, taking what Glee has done and creating a musical with real talent and no auto-tuning." –

"You'll be humming the words to the title track long after you've left the theatre!" –Time Out New York 

“A witty and tuneful score… a hugely enjoyable show." –What’s On Stage

“The singing is marvelous and the laughs come thick and fast." –HeraldScotland

“This production isn't so much high energy as nuclear Armageddon, a non-stop parade of character-based gags and numbers." –

"Hold on to your stage fedoras and tap shoes, because you are in for a ride with this one!" –LOGO On-line

"Catchy songs with amusing lyrics… a high standard production." –

"Show Choir! is a fun and pizzaz-y musical." –Theatre Is Easy

"Glitzy, joyful song and dance… Infectiously perky." –ThreeWeeks

"An explosion of silver sequins and jazz hands, Show Choir! – The Musical is an effervescent, high-kicking delight." –

"Show Choir has the Glee affect!" –Musical Theatre Matters

"A wonderfully over the top, sparkling treat." –

"Cheekily cheesy… a real crowd-pleaser!" –Hi! Drama (Channel 56)

“McDaniels and Garverick have crafted a side-splitting, rocking musical that allows every showbiz nerd to feel they belong… Their clever mockumentary reveals a teen equivalent to Christopher Guest’s astonishing film Waiting for Guffman.” –A.C.T. San Francisco via Broadway World

Materials: Your materials will be sent to you two months prior to your opening date and will include everything necessary for your production. They can be ordered in Printed or Digital format. Printed Materials are provided on unbound three-hole punched loose-leaf paper while Digital Materials are provided via email as downloadable PDF files for you to print in-house. All materials are yours to keep! No deposits, no returns.

The Authorized Materials/Rehearsal Package for Show Choir! – The Musical  includes:

  • Production Scripts
  • Piano/Vocal Scores


  • Conductor Score
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Reed (Flute, Clarinet, Alro Sax, Tenor Sax)
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone

Official Logo Pack Now Included! To help you promote your show, Stage Rights now includes a logo pack with your license. The logo pack includes high-resolution versions (both color and black and white) of our professionally designed show logo. 
Optional Materials:  

  • Reference Recording
  • Stage Manager’s Script – Printed on standard 8.5” x 11” 3-hole-punched paper, with the same page numbers and text as the Production Scripts, but with more space on the page for notes and cues.