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Long before Glee, there was Show Choir! – The Musical, a melodious mockumentary about America’s favorite teen pastime… with jazz hands! Follow the journey of high school drama teacher Jake Jonathan and choir director Monica Susans as they form a show choir that unexpectedly becomes a group of world-renowned pop superstars, the Symphonic Sensations. Will the choir buckle under the incredible pressures of modern celebrity or will they maintain perfect harmony? An international hit with audiences and critics alike, this hysterical and heartfelt original musical comedy is an effervescent, high-kicking delight!


Act I

Our story begins November 2004 in Tipton Valley, Ohio, where high school drama teacher Jake Jonathan has a dream about creating a “Show Choir” and turning them into a pop phenomenon. He persuades the high school choir director, Monica Susans, and choir pianist Karen Noha to help him on his mission (“Can You See It?”).

The following school year, they form the Symphonic Sensations. Things are going well, but Jake is disappointed with the overall quality of the choir (“Number One, Too”) until he discovers that group costume designer Janelle Solomon is a top-notch singer. Jake encourages the reluctant Janelle to overcome her “Stage Fright” and join the group the next year.

Throughout the 2005-2006 school year, the Symphonic Sensations successfully compete in various regional competitions, which eventually leads them to the National Championship at the Mall of America (“Love At First Sight”). While performing, music producer Rich Cantore, who’s there to see his stepdaughter in a competing choir, is impressed by the Sensations and offers them the chance to make their dream come true. His only catch is to put his stepdaughter Sabrina Turner into the group, making one of the members, Melissa Sparing, an understudy. In addition, he offers Monica a chance to write original music for the group. Jake and Monica agree to sign with Rich (“Can You See It? – Reprise”).

From August to November 2006, the Sensations are sent to train at show choir “Boot Camp” in preparation for their upcoming debut at the New York Thanksgiving Parade. In mid-November 2006, during a rehearsal for the parade, Jake begins to show his true colors by pushing everyone past their limits as group member Tracey Thompson falls, injuring her leg. Nevertheless, the Sensations push forward and dazzle the Herald Square crowd, with understudy Melissa Sparing stepping in for the injured Tracey (“Christmas Time”).

Thanks to the positive response, Rich decides that the time is right to send the Sensations into the recording studio. While recording, Sabrina, Dave, Dru, Karen, and Melissa express their various opinions to each other about being in the “Back Row.”

Soon after, Rich Cantore announces that the Sensations will make their world premiere at the Super Bowl Half-Time Spectacular in 2007. Before their performance Jake and Monica pep them up for their big moment (“Destiny”). The Symphonic Sensations rise to the occasion, stepping onto the football field and into music history (“The Symphonic Sensations Super Bowl Half-Time Show”).

Act II

Act II begins with a quick commercial (“Diet Fizz”) before returning to the second half of the television program “Beyond the Façade.”

One year later, the Symphonic Sensations are a national phenomenon and the winners of numerous Grammy Awards. Jake has also become a national personality, the self-proclaimed “Mr. Show Choir.” He continually steals the spotlight from the group (“When You’re a Star”).

The Sensations music is so successful that Monica receives an offer from the makers of Diet Fizz Cola to write their new jingle. Monica calls Jake to tell him the good news, only to have him forbid her from writing for anyone else. Fed up with Jake’s growing ego, Monica decides to sell her jingles despite Jake’s wishes (“An Intriguing Possibility”), causing a rift in the once inseparable duo.

In May 2008, while the Sensations are on an international tour the group begins to have encounters with the paparazzi. Sabrina, sick of being in the back row, uses this as the opportunity to quietly sell out each member until even Jake’s face is splashed across the tabloids (“T.N.T.”). Outraged, Jake calls an emergency meeting on December 28th, 2009. He mistakenly blames party girl Amber Cohen for selling them out and, in the heat of the moment, slaps her in front of everyone. Rich immediately fires Jake as Amber runs off into the night (“Amber’s Night Out”). By

the time the Sensations find Amber, she has indulged in alcohol and drugs, gets hit by a car, and ends up in a coma.

One year later, the Sensation’s pianist, Karen Noha, is headlining a small concert at Joe’s Pub in NYC with Dave and her band. She sings about how the Sensations broke up after the night Amber fell into a coma (“Ten Little Sensations”).

Jake, now alone, tries to create a new choir. He is visited by his mentor Slappy Phelps, who criticizes Jake for his selfish behavior and tells him to make things right. Jake ponders how to fix the problem (“Jake’s Soliloquy”).

Jake decides to visit Amber in the hospital and finds that she has recovered from her coma. He apologizes for his behavior and promises to put the group back together again. Jake decides to finally take responsibility for his destructive actions and calls Monica and the kids to ask for “A Second Chance.”

Sadly, before he gets the chance to see his group back together, Jake Jonathan perishes in a plane crash. A few months later, the Symphonic Sensations reunite for a benefit performance in Jake’s honor at Carnegie Hall in NYC, 2012 (“Good Bye, Bye-Bye”).

The End


The show is hip, modern (and) a completely entertaining experience!



* Note: Throughout the show, all characters age eight years. Ages shown are their ages when they first enter the story.

Jake Jonathan – (30s, male, tenor) Easily excitable show choir visionary. Jake starts off well-intentioned but as the story progresses he becomes more stubborn, self-involved, and intense.

Monica Susans – (30s, female, mezzo-soprano) Kind-hearted, wholly supportive co-director of choir. Monica is a very talented musician and composer. A natural mediator, who is not afraid to stand up for herself or others.

Rich Cantore – (60s, male, baritone) World-renowned music producer looking for the next “big thing.” Rich is a fast talker who is direct and charming. He is all business with his eyes on the prize.

Karen Noha – (17+, female, alto) Piano prodigy and leader of the Sensation’s band. Karen has a very dry sense of humor and is easily at home among adults and her peers. Role requires the ability to play piano.

Announcer – (Any age/gender, non-singing role) British television voiceover and narrator of “Beyond the Façade”. Also plays Hal Folkes, a popular talk show personality.

Character Actor – (Any age, male, tenor) Strong, versatile comedic actor to play the following:

- Slappy Phelps – Jazz legend and Jake’s mentor.

- Reggie – A gruff morning talk show co-host.

- Harry Woolworth – A no-nonsense elderly dance teacher.

- Adam Cohen – Amber’s father.

- Donny Schwartzenstein – …of the celebrity sibling duo Donny and Donna.

- Bryan Bayridge – Cheesy Hollywood interviewer on the Red Carpet.

- Bar Patron – In NYC dive bar.

Character Actress – (Any age, female, mezzo-soprano) Strong, versatile comedic actor to play the following:

- Edith Jonathan – Jake’s loving mother.

- Rosie Pertersworth – Stern head of Show Choir Nationals.

- Kit – A perky morning talk show co-host.

- Sarita Imani – Rajiv’s success-minded mom.

- Shari Shalomar – An eccentric voice teacher to the stars.

- Donna Schwartzenstein – …of the celebrity sibling duo Donny and Donna.

- Jane Streams – Elderly fashion critic, Red Carpet Special.

- Bar Patron – In NYC dive bar.

The Symphonic Sensations:

Janelle Solomon – (17+, female, big vocal range) Introverted costume designer for the choir who eventually becomes the lead singer. Lacks confidence but blossoms into a pop superstar throughout the show.

Austin Peterson – (17+, male, baritone) Football player who happens to be a fantastic dancer. Austin is the handsome face of the Sensations. He is uncomfortable with the spotlight, as he is hiding a secret.

Amber Cohen – (17+, female, alto/2nd soprano) Popular girl with a wild streak. Amber is the original lead singer of the Sensations. Hungry for the chance to reclaim the spotlight, she is easily manipulated.

Rajiv Imani – (16+, male, tenor, South Asian) Comic book aficionado who is pushed into showbiz by his stage mother. Rajiv is a humble heartthrob and a bit naïve.

Millie McNichols – (16+, female, 2nd soprano) Former soccer cheerleader turned show choir loyalist. Millie is warm, thoughtful, and honest. She is a natural leader, always looking out for the group.

Andrew “Dru” Peterson – (18+, male, strong bass/beat-boxer) Suburban tough guy with a talent for beat-boxing. Dru is fiercely loyal, extremely confident, and outspoken.

Tracey Thompson – (16+, female, strong coloratura) An outstanding soprano but perhaps not the best dancer of the group. Tracey is accident-prone but resilient. Role requires an excellent physical comedian.

Dave Stone – (17+, male, baritone) Easy-going stoner. Dave is just along for the ride and is having the time of his life. Role requires ability to play guitar.

Melissa Sparing – (15+, female, soprano) Hyper-intelligent overachiever with a goofy side. Melissa is the youngest of the group and works hard to earn her place. She is energetic, earnest, and endearing.

Sean Everett – (15+, male, strong tenor) A superstar in his own mind. Sean is cocky to the point of being a bit obnoxious. He is also gay, out, and proud.

Sabrina Turner – (16+, female, alto) Ruthless and attention hungry late addition to the Sensations. Sabrina is an excellent dancer who happens to be Rich’s stepdaughter. She is mysterious and manipulative.


Ensemble of 3+ – Versatile singer/actor/dancers/musicians to play the following:

- Amy, Danny & Rob – Karen’s Band. Ability to play is helpful but not necessary.

- The Fairfield Firecrackers – A rival show choir.

- Buffalo Bravado – A rival show choir.

- Commercial Actors – Diet Fizz.

- Celebrity Presenters – At the Grammys.

- Paparazzi/Reporters – Various times.

- Bar Patrons – New York dive bar.

- Nurse – At hospital.

- Additional voice-overs and characters


Time: 2004 -2012. As Show Choir! – The Musical is told through the framework of a television show documentary entitled “Beyond the Façade,” you will need the ability to move quickly from one location to another to create the appearance of a television show onstage. One unit set with multiple playing areas/levels and small, easily moveable set pieces works well. In addition, projections can be a very exciting way to help tell this story and fill the stage like a television screen.

  1. Beyond the Facade (Opening Credits)
  2. Show Choir
  3. Can You See it?
  4. Number One, Too
  5. Stage Fright
  6. Love at First Sight
  7. Can You See it (Reprise)
  8. Boot Camp
  9. Christmas Time
  10. Back Row
  11. Destiny
  12. The Symphonic Sensations Super Bowl Half Time Show: We Are the Music/Symphonic Sensations/Champions
  13. Diet Fizz!
  14. When You’re a Star
  15. Intriguing Possibility
  16. T.N.T.
  17. Amber’s Night Out
  18. Karen's Sensational Countdown (or Ten Little Sensations)
  19. Jake’s Soliloquy
  20. Second Chance
  21. Good Bye, Bye-Bye

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"Up With People meets Spinal Tap! Campy fun." –Theater Scene

Show Choir! is an absolutely hilarious parody of a musical, full of brilliant one-liners. It's Fame for this generation, taking what Glee has done and creating a musical with real talent and no auto-tuning." –BroadwayBaby.com

"You'll be humming the words to the title track long after you've left the theatre!" –Time Out New York

“A witty and tuneful score… a hugely enjoyable show." –What’s On Stage

“The singing is marvelous and the laughs come thick and fast." –HeraldScotland

“This production isn't so much high energy as nuclear Armageddon, a non-stop parade of character-based gags and numbers." –Scotsman.com

"Hold on to your stage fedoras and tap shoes, because you are in for a ride with this one!" –LOGO On-line

"Catchy songs with amusing lyrics… a high standard production." –BroadwayWorld.com

"Show Choir! is a fun and pizzaz-y musical." –Theatre Is Easy

"Glitzy, joyful song and dance… Infectiously perky." –ThreeWeeks

"An explosion of silver sequins and jazz hands, Show Choir! – The Musical is an effervescent, high-kicking delight." –Off-Off-Online.com

"Show Choir has the Glee affect!" –Musical Theatre Matters

"A wonderfully over the top, sparkling treat." –BroadwayWorld.com

"Cheekily cheesy… a real crowd-pleaser!" –Hi! Drama (Channel 56)

“McDaniels and Garverick have crafted a side-splitting, rocking musical that allows every showbiz nerd to feel they belong… Their clever mockumentary reveals a teen equivalent to Christopher Guest’s astonishing film Waiting for Guffman.” –A.C.T. San Francisco via Broadway World

Materials: Digital Materials are provided via email as downloadable PDF files for you to print in-house. All materials are yours to keep! No deposits, no returns.

Required production materials for Show Choir! – The Musical:

  • Cast Scripts
  • Vocal Books
  • Director's Script
  • Stage Manager's Script
  • Orchestrations
  • Piano/Vocal Score


  • Conductor Score
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Reed (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax)
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone

Production Resources:

  • Reference Recording