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Red Bull Theater– New York City’s “most exciting classical theater”– for the first time ever offers a published collection featuring the best of its annual Short New Play Festival. This ongoing series features 10-minute plays of heightened language and classical themes by today’s hottest writers, including commissions by established playwrights such as John Guare, David Ives, Regina Taylor, and Anne Washburn, and winning entries by writers such as Mike Anderson, Sam Lahne, Lynn Rosen, and Jen Silverman– all chosen from a competition that receives nearly 300 submissions each year. In the hands of great playwrights, the 10-minute play is a highly entertaining dramatic form. This collection offers the most delectable of these delightfully compact works— some downright silly, and others powerfully moving– from Red Bull Theater’s Short New Play Festival.

Many of these shows are available to produce at your theater. 
To apply, fill out an application and list the titles you're interested in under "Special Requests."



Themes: 2011 - Heightened Language/Classic   2012 - Revolution

Hippolyta and Titania by Liz Duffy Adams
2F | 12 Minutes
In the forest, two queens leave Shakespeare’s story behind and begin a love affair in this imagining of what might have been if Hippolyta and Titania had crossed paths. 

Flawless Execution by Mike Anderson* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 3M | 10 Minutes
A medieval executioner/game show host is approached by two unlikely producers with a suggestion to boost ratings, but the result of the change may be the death of him…literally. 

Purgatory by Heidi Armbruster

3F, 1 M or F | 10 Minutes
Three actresses commiserate over their onstage deaths at the hands of the men still on stage, so they decide their story needs a new ending— even if their agents disagree. 

Serial Killer by Elizabeth Egloff
1F, 4M | 15 Minutes
Two slaves in the labyrinth of Crete await the great Theseus to save them from the Minotaur, but maybe fate is the real monster.

A La Recherche Du Frank Perdue by David Grimm* (Apply for Rights)
2 Characters | 10 Minutes
Prologue is interrupted when Epilogue enters before his cue and their petty bickering turns what could have been a perfectly respectable play into— wait, where’s Frank?

Undescended by Wendy MacLeod
1F | 10 Minutes
After trying to have a child for years, a middle-aged woman finally gets her wish, but the challenges of motherhood may be more than she bargained for.

The Going Price by Laura Elizabeth Nelson* (Apply for Rights)
2F, 1M | 10 Minutes
A hardened executioner has a change of heart when a young girl sentenced to death reveals an alarming secret.

Skull (Less Three and Twenty) by Jason Gray Platt
1F, 1M | 10 Minutes
Yorick matches wits with the conniving queen, but this may be his wits end in this prequil to the Bard’s Hamlet.

Urban Nun by Dave Carley
1F | 10 Minutes
A sarcastic nun turns activist as she stands up to hypocrisy within the Catholic church.

Diamonds Unstrung, Falling... by Constance Congdon* (Apply for Rights)
3F | 15 Minutes
Three women from different generations discuss social justice in the 21st century.

The Sea by John Guare
1M | 10 Minutes
After his crimes finally catch up to him. an incarcerated con man recounts his tales to the open sea.

The Giant Man by Sam Lahne* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 1M | 10 Minutes
While on vacation, a young American couple receives a vague warning from a foreign stranger.  

The Occupier’s Tragedy by Eric Pfeffinger
1F, 3M | 10 Minutes
A conversation between two wealthy lords is interrupted by occupiers protesting against the 1%. 

Footnote Of An Obscure Revolutionary by Natalia Savvides
1F, 1M | 10 Minutes
In this reimagining of Aeschylus’s The Oresteia, Elektra takes the reigns from her brother Orestes as they avenge the murder of their father.    

Three Dreams in the House of the Sleepless by Jen Silverman
1F, 4M | 10 Minutes
Odysseus, Penelope, and their son are each haunted by visions of their past while they dream of futures that could have been.


Themes: 2013 - Greed   2014 - Ridiculous/Sublime

The Falling Son by Arthur Holden* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 2M | 10 Minutes
Daedalus takes the form of Bernie Madoff, who receives a prison visit from his concerned wife in the midst of family crisis involving their son.

Little Louise by Patricia Ione Lloyd
4F | 15 Minutes
The owner of a Southern cathouse tries to free herself from the specter of her traumatic childhood. 

More Greek Drama by Winter Miller* (Apply for Rights)
3F, 1M | 10 Minutes
What started as just another day at Cassie’s Nail Salon spirals out of control when two regulars (Jocasta and Clytamnestra) receive troubling prophesies from the local seer. 

Rosewater by Peter Oswald* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 2M | 10 Minutes
Rosewater reports specific details of her most recent love affair, beat-by-beat, to her supervisors. 

Touched by Jason Gray Platt
3M, Ensemble (3) Flexible | 10 Minutes
Seeing his kingdom in ruin, King Midas gives up his crown and his golden touch to a wandering alchemist.   

Lotus Eaters by Tommy Smith
2F | 10 Minutes
Two young girls recount the day when a shipfull of handsome sailors happened upon their shore. 

East of the Sun by Regina Taylor* (Apply for Rights)
3F, 2M | 10 Minutes
Mars prepares for battle as earthlings plan to conquer the final frontier. 

Great Reckoning in a Little Room by Tim West* (Apply for Rights)
4M | 10 Minutes
A life of espionage and political intrigue catches up to renaissance playwright Kit Marlowe in this hypothetical account of his curious death.

The End Of Travel by David Ives
2F | 10 Minutes
A travel agent presents her client with a choice of two different itineraries, each leading to the same destination.

Lilith by Will Kenton* (Apply for Rights)
3F, 1M | 15 Minutes
Two manifestations of modern day feminism play out in the stories of Eve and Lilth as they both compete for Adam’s affection.  

Cutaway by Tabia Lau
1F, 1M | Ten Minutes
A man and woman divvy up the remains of the life they built together as they dismantle their marriage and each other.

The Pequod Meets the Ocean Steward by Bridgette Dutta Portman
2M (Flexible) | 10 Minutes
Captain Ahab’s search for the white whale is interrupted when an environmental activist boards the Pequod. 

Hot Pants Button Eye by Lynn Rosen
1F | 10 Minutes
Fresh off her painful divorce from Brutus, Claudia Pulcher considers revenge, seduced by a snazzy pair of jeans.

Tears of a Clown by Tom Rowan* (Apply for Rights)
2F, 1M | 10 Minutes
A fool falls fast for his lady’s fair seamstress and fixes to woo her flaunting foolish faculties, but foolishly falls for love’s unfair farce.

When Miss Lydia Hinkley Gives a Bird the Bird by James Still* (Apply for Rights)
5F | 10 Minutes
A 19th century salon for unmarried women votes to change their rules causing Miss Lydia Hinkley to lash out against the ubiquitous—and incredulously stupid— nightingale.

Nero Seneca Madea by Anne Washburn
2M | 15 Minutes
At the instruction of his teacher, young Emperor Nero defends the indefensible, perhaps a little too well.


Themes: 2015 - Uncontrolled Passions   2016 - Scandal

A List of Some Shit I’ve Killed by Matt Barbot* (Apply for Rights)

5 F/M | 10 Minutes

The story of Heracles’ Bow, told in reverse chronological order.

Stones by Lee Blessing 

2F, 2M | 10 Minutes

A middle-aged college professor carries out simultaneous conversations with a flirtatious current student, a former student and lover, and a fellow colleague on the set of a closed production of Othello.

An American Dream by Dipika Guha* (Apply for Rights)

1F, 2M | 10 Minutes

Two strangers explore national identity and gender roles as they fall in love in a mythical London in this T.S. Eliot- and Shakespeare-inspired play.

In the Attic by Stephen Massicotte

1F, 1M |15 Minutes

Young Ophelia and Hamlet romp around a castle attic in this poignant short play. 

First and Last in the Underworld by Ellen McLaughlin

2M | 10 Minutes

An exploration of Euripides' Protesilaus fragments, this play tells the story of the first and last soldiers to die in the Trojan War. 

Sleep Now by Jason Gray Platt

2F | 10 Minutes

A young girl reveals the terrifying reason for her fear of sleep in this haunting and tender short play. 

Dido & Aeneas by Aubrey Saverino* (Apply for Rights)

2F, 2M | 15-20 Minutes

The Queen of Carthage experiences the scandal of love in this dynamic classical tragedy.

Romeo and Rosaline by Matthew Wells* (Apply for Rights)

2F, 4M | 10 Minutes

A vengeful Rosaline wreaks havoc upon Romeo and Paris just following Act V, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet.

Motley Fool by Kate Abbruzzese* (Apply for Rights)

1F, 1M | 10 Minutes

Rosalind asserts her dominance over Orlando as she breaks free from the confines of gender and sartorial burden in this short play.

Swansong by Emily Taplin Boyd

1F | 10 Minutes

Leda tells the story of her rape by Jove in this fiercely feminist monologue spoken in verse.

Malaprop by Lisa D’Amour* (Apply for Rights)

3F, 2M, 1 Nonbinary | 10 Minutes

A trans audience member obliterates the fourth wall in pursuit of truth and efficiency in this theatrical mise en abyme

The Ghoul of Amherst by Amy Freed

2F | 15 Minutes

A precocious young Emily Dickinson visits a dying school-friend in search of the sublime.

Warp and Weft by Anchuli Felicia King* (Apply for Rights)

2F, 1M | 10 Minutes

Arachne and Athena square off in this funny and tragic retelling of the classic Greek myth. 

Her Father’s Daughter by Dakin Matthews

3F, 1M | 10 Minutes

A young woman learns of her scandalous reputation in 18th century London. 

The Eighth Circle by Bridgette Dutta Portman* (Apply for Rights)

1F, 1M, 1F/M | 10 Minutes

A corrupt politician and his lapsed-poet wife find themselves in the Fifth Bolgia of the Eighth Circle of Dante’s Inferno

The Opulent Complex by Lynn Rosen

1F, 2M | 10 Minutes

A man and woman play hoity toity make-believe at the home of a former tyrannical ruler, as an apocalyptic political revolution looms just offstage.


Themes: 2017 - Delusions of Grandeur   2018 - The Language of Love

Dido, Queen of Carthage by Charlotte Ahlin* (Apply for Rights)
3F, 1M | 10 Minutes
After a surprise breakup, a grad student turns to the tragic Queen of Carthage for support.
Rules of Threes by Uriah Celaya* (Apply for Rights)
3F | 10-13 Minutes
Three sisters have to decide if free will can defy fate.
Delaware, Come Home by Justin Aaron Halle
1F | 12 Minutes
Orli lives with her dog Delaware in Montana— that is, until Delaware runs away, and Orli finds herself surrounded by vast nothing. She constructs a makeshift antenna, which she hopes will help Delaware find his way back home.
The Divine Comedy, Part 2 (Thank You Lucas Hnath) by Arthur Kopit
2M | 11 Minutes
Midway through the journey of his presidency, Donald Trump finds himself lost in a dark and impenetrable sand-trap.
The Son by Rachel Leopold* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 1M | 10 Minutes
Naucrate, newly freed from bondage, seeks out the father of her long-lost son Icarus to wrestle with the limits of grief, parenthood, and wax wings.
And I Used to be a Kind Man by Dael Orlandersmith
1M | 20-30 Minutes
A talented, aging actor never became “FAMOUS” in the traditional sense and is now embittered.
Tantalus by Jason Gray Platt
4-7 F/M, Flexible | 8 Minutes
Descendants of the House of Atreus recreate the moment their line was cursed by their ancestor Tantalus.
Ino Leucothea by Christian Simonsen
4F, 3M | 10-12 Minutes
In a post-apocalyptic world, will mankind be nobler than the carrion-eating seagulls?
Homecoming by Frederick Dennehy* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 1M | 10-12 Minutes
Odysseus returns home after spending seven years with the seductive goddess Calypso. His wife Penelopeia, whom he has not seen in 20 years, is prepared to welcome him with a deadly surprise. 

Heart in Her Mouth by Tina Howe* (Apply for Rights)
2F, 1M | 10 Minutes
As her premonitions get more and more dire, Cassandra’s repeated visits to Dr. Orfeo’s dental office reveal a burning, unrequited love for more than just his dentistry.
Helen at the Gym by Anya Martin* (Apply for Rights)
2F, 2M, 3-12 Female Chorus | 10 Minutes
It is 2009 and Helen of Troy runs on a treadmill at an LA fitness in Pittsburgh, where centuries of violent obsession and lust are about to explode in a horrific tragedy.
Echo and Narcissus by Amanda Quaid
2F, 1M | 10 Minutes
A girl condemned to repeat the words spoken to her falls in love with a narcissist. Of course, he is all too happy to hear himself echoed.
The Fields of Asphodel by Aubrey Saverino* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 1M | 10 Minutes
When Hades kidnaps Persephone from the world of the living and whisks her away to the Land of the Dead, Persephone must teach him a thing or two about wooing women.
In Ireland They Speak Irish; In Cornwall They Speak Cornish by Samara Weiss
1F, 1M | 10 Minutes
Tristan is bringing Iseult of Ireland home to Cornwall to marry his uncle, King Mark. On the boat, they discover that, although they don’t speak the same language, they understand each other very well— maybe better than they’d like to.
The Gertrude Variations by Daniel Wilson* (Apply for Rights)
1F, 1M | 13 Minutes
When Claudius proposes an elopement, the young Gertrude gives her infatuated lover a test of his passion with a series of wild linguistic themes and variations.
Me Too, We Three by Doug Wright* (Apply for Rights)
3F | 10 Minutes
Three celebrated actresses from across the centuries gather over tea to share their very own “Me, Too” stories.  


Red Bull continually proves 'old is the new new,' presenting classic works for a modern ear. This exciting anthology of brand new plays proves they're also at the forefront of creating modern works for a classical ear.

–Michael Urie

The following titles are available for licensing through Stage Rights: 

A La Recherche Du Frank Purdue by David Grimm

Cutaway by Tabia Lau

Diamonds Unstrung, Falling... by Constance Congdon

East Of The Sun by Regina Taylor

The Falling Son by Arthur Holden

Flawless Execution by Mike Anderson

The Giant Man by Sam Lahne

The Going Price by Laura Elizabeth Nelson

Great Reckoning In A Little Room by Tim West

Lilith by William Kenton

More Greek Drama by Winter Miller

The Pequod Meets The Ocean Steward By Bridgette Dulla Portman

Rosewater by Peter Oswald

Tears Of A Clown by Tom Rowan

When Miss Lydia Hinkley Gives A Bird The Bird by James Still

A List of Some Shit I’ve Killed by Matt Barbot

An American Dream by Dipika Guha

Dido & Aeneas by Aubrey Saverino

Romeo and Rosaline by Matthew Wells

Motley Fool by Kate Abbruzzese

Malaprop by Lisa D’amour

Warp and Weft by Anchuli Felicia King

The Eighth Circle by Bridgette Dutta Portman 

Dido, Queen of Carthage by Charlotte Ahlin

Rules of Threes by Uriah Celaya

The Son by Rachel Leopold

Homecoming by Frederick Dennehy

Heart in Her Mouth by Tina Howe

Helen at the Gym by Anya Martin

The Fields of Asphodel by Aubrey Saverino

The Gertrude Variations by Daniel Wilson

Me Too, We Three by Doug Wright

To apply, fill out an application and list the titles you're interested in under 'Special Requests'.

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